China Plywood ,the color matched glue with different mixture can make good cover for plywood to hide the substrate manufacturing defects

These glue mixture should contain some of the color pigment materials such as iron oxide and titanium dioxide  to cover the substrate manufacturing defects such as telegraphing and bleeding …

So when spraying the glue covering reagent/Masking agent ,make sure the color is matched with the face veneer .Also should discuss some questions below to prepare for the good substrate for the wood face veneer lamination .

1.How much of the glue mixture and proportion  ?

2.How long will be kept for cold pressing long will be kept for hot pressing ,what are the temperature and pressure ? long will be kept for conditioning after spraying the glue ?ONe day or two days after dry ?

5.The quality of the mixture ,brand name and any chemical changes after hot pressing ,will affect the glue bond strength or not ?Can not affect the face veneer lamination ,if not will have bubbles or blisters .

This kind of glue mixture are just used for hiding the defects of the substrate ,not like the glue used for the core veneer gluing and bonding .

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