China Plywood Platform /Substrates sanding requirements and Problems

Before sanding the platforms /substrates of the plywood,should take care of the adjustment of the sanding machinery .

1.Check the SET thickenss and real thickness of the plywood

2.Check the 4 sides of the plywood thickness before sanding .

3.Check the 4 sides of the plywood thickness after sanding .

Find out the actual thickness difference and solve the problmes ,make a record daily .

Questions :

1.Are you workers only check 1 sides of the plywood thickness or 2 sides or 4 sides ?

2.HOw often they check ,how many pcs they check ?

3.How to solve the porblems if found big thickness difference ?

4.The sanding machinery are single side calibrated sanding or double sides calibrated sanding ,or NON-CALIBRATED SANDING?

5.what are the minimum thickness tolerance the sanding machinery can be used for ?

6.Check if any sand skip area or sand through area manufacturing defects or rough sanding and Wavy lines/ripple chatter  defects ?Chatter marks are the most common sanding defect and problem and can come from different sources
7.The’sanding Jumping’phenomenon in sanding machine .

7.How are the speed of the sanding ?how many meters per miniutes ?





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