Core veneer used for stitching machinery (Plywood top and bottom whole piece of core veneer)

Automatic Core bulider/veneer stitching machine /veneer splicing machine from China factory ,Sewing core veneer to make plywood

The core veneer stitching machine have a high quality requirements about the core veneer ,especially the moisture content and shapes of the core veneer .

Moisture content :if the MC is too high ,the knife of the stitching machine can not cut the veneer sharply ,the waste of the core veneer would be linked to the stitched core veneer together and not easy to clean ,will be a big quality problems.The knife will be Blunt .It‘s impossible to cut the wet core veneer with such a dull knife.

Shape :All core veneer used for the stitching machinery have the same shape,the veneer used for stitching must  be a figure with four equal sides and four right angles. or will cut neat to right angles ,will waste of big core veneer .A plane rectangle core veneer with four equal sides and four right angles are suitable and required used for stitching machine .

If the stitching machinery are not well operated ,will waste of big money on the repairing ,veneer waste and quality problems .So ,better have a good training for the operators how to run and repair and how to set up the sizes of the core veneer …

Regarding the stitching machinery ,see below some points of the quality :

The machine is used for splicing the core veneer into longer veneer with thread and glue ,this machine is widely used for veneer production plant ,very popular in Southeast Asia countries like Vietnam ,Malaysia, Indonesia ,India and Thailand etc .

Advantages of the stitched core veneer has very tight and seamless joint of the core veneer ,can maximum avoid the veneer overlaps and core voids ,reduce the putty job  and improve the plywood surface quality and more efficiency .




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