Daily Archives: December 14, 2016

The utility and adhesive modification technology of urea formaldehyde adhesive in plywood factory

In general, plywood is made of adhesive, inside wood core veneer and top and bottom outside face veneer made of three parts. According to the current situation of domestic production, We mainly  analyzed separately from the close relationship between the permeability and the glue, from the above three parts  . …

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How are your Core veneer Stitching machine operator ?How is the exact sizes of the core veneer after cutting and how is the waste of the edges ?

core veneer Stitching machinery are good to improve the china core veneer quailty and plywood structure lay-up ,always make some standard sizes core veneer 860mmx1260mm to short grain or long grain whole piece such as 1260mmx2520mm long ,the advantage is reduced the labor costs of veneer core lay-up ,improved the …

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