China Plywood Single independent production process capacity daily ?When you visit your suppliers,this is a must you should know.

It is necessary to know the production capacity of each of these processes on the premise that the output of the previous process must meet the output requirements for the next process.

Each production process must break through its own production bottleneck to meet the quality and yield requirements of the next production process. Otherwise, this production process will become the entire production line great weakness .

Production workers and machinery should be matched tightly ,also the raw materials and related supporting .

Core Veneer purchasing

Core Veneer unloading

Core  Veneer inspection and grading and selecting

Core  Veneer lay-up

Core  Veneer glue spraying and delivery

Glue mixing

Cold pressing

platform repairing before hot pressing

Platform hot pressing

Platform repairing after hot pressing

Platform putty repairing

Platform sanding

Platform glue spraying

Platform lamination

face Veneer purchasing

face  Veneer unloading

face  Veneer inspection and grading and selecting

face veneer stocking and storage

Finished plywood polishing sanding

Plywood packing

Plywood loading


when you know these production process daily capacity ,you can know how to manage the workers’s design and how to work better and smoothly with all the machines and raw materials  !

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