What are the six factors that affect China plywood products quality?

Quality is the lifeline of enterprises, today’s quality is tomorrow’s market. As an important part of enterprise management, quality management plays an important role in the survival and development of enterprises. we can see that even in the same plywood production regions ,some factories are always full of POs ,some factories just have half production or less production .With the continuous development of quality management, quality management from the previous emphasis on the results into the current focus on prevention, to change the “post checks” as “prevention in advance”, change management results for management factors. Therefore, in the implementation of quality management from the impact of product quality factors, preventive management. Throughout the entire production process, causes the fluctuation of product quality has 6 main factors, namely: people, machine (equipment), materials (materials), method (method), measuring (measurement), environment of the six factors. The following six factors and preventive control measures are briefly introduced and illustrated.

6 factors causing plywood product quality fluctuation:

A):Personal workers : operators awareness of quality, technical proficiency and physical condition; b) machine: machine tool equipment, precision and maintenance status; c) material: material composition, physical and chemical properties; d) methods: here including processing technology, tooling selection and operation procedures; E) measuring measure taken is standard and correct; F): work site environment temperature and humidity, lighting and clean conditions etc..

Analysis of various factors and main prevention and control measures:

1, operator factors

Operators who play a leading role in the process of defects arising from the general operator can control. The main causes of error are: 1) poor quality awareness; 2) 3) not be negligent operation; abide by the rules; 4) skills is low, less skilled, and because of simple repeat boredom etc.. The main control measures are: (1) the quality of education to strengthen the consciousness of “quality first, customer first, the next step is the user customer”, establish and perfect the quality responsibility system; (2) to prepare clear and detailed operating procedures, strengthen the process of professional training, issued by the operating certificate; (3) strengthen inspection work, increase inspection frequency; (4) through the proper adjustment of personnel, eliminating operator boredom; (5) strengthen the self-development and self improvement ability.

2, machinery and equipment factors

Equipment includes not only production equipment, machinery and equipment, but also including knife plate, mold, fixture, measuring tools and other related items. The main control measures are: (1) to strengthen the equipment maintenance and maintenance, for all equipment daily maintenance and use must formulate the corresponding standard, and according to the standard regular maintenance. (2) use the first inspection system to verify the accuracy and accuracy of the machine. The adverse situation of equipment management as much as possible to find the equipment operation and analyze the causes and take appropriate measures to carry out preventive maintenance, nip in the bud.

3, material factors (glue ,core veneer,face veneer ),,,

The main control measures are: (1) in the procurement of raw materials clearly stipulated in the contract quality requirements; (2) strengthen inspection processes and finished products into the factory inspection and the raw materials of home-made parts; (3) the reasonable selection of suppliers (including “pannext”); (4) improve the cooperative relationship between cooperation factory, supervise and help the supplier quality control and quality assurance.
4, the factors of the technological process

Between the process including process arrangement, process, process selection means of cohesion (processing environmental conditions and the process equipment selection, selection of process parameters) to guide the preparation of files and processes (such as the process card, operating procedures, work instructions, process quality analysis etc.).

Process impact on the process quality, mainly from two aspects: one is the processing method specified by the selection of process parameters and equipment etc. the rationality and correctness of two is seriously implement process.

The main process control measures are: (1) to ensure the accuracy of the positioning device, strict first piece inspection, and ensure the accurate center location, to prevent the deviation of the process; (2) to strengthen the technical training, method of installation and adjustment of the operation personnel familiar with the positioning device, a display device configured as possible positioning data; (3) strengthen the shaping tool or tool sharpening and management, implement mandatory replacement system; (4) craft discipline inspection and supervision of the implementation of operational procedures. (5) strengthen the management of tooling and measuring instruments, do well the cycle check of tooling tooling and the periodic calibration of measuring instruments.

5, measurement factors (thickness tools ,moisture content machinery ,length and wideth )

The main control measures are: (1) determine the measurement tasks and the required accuracy, select the use of the required accuracy and precision of the test equipment. (2) regularly confirm, calibrate and adjust all measurement and test equipment. (3) set the necessary calibration procedures. Its content includes equipment type, number, location, check cycle, check method, acceptance method, acceptance criteria, and the measures should be taken when problems occur. (4) save calibration records. (5) when the measurement and test equipment are not calibrated, the effectiveness of previous measurements and test results shall be assessed immediately and recorded in the relevant documents.

6, environmental factors

The so-called environment, generally refers to the production site temperature, humidity, noise interference, vibration, lighting, indoor purification and site pollution, etc.. In ensuring the special requirements of the product to the environmental conditions, but also do a good job on-site finishing, rectification and cleaning work, vigorously do a good job of civilized production, create conditions for the long-term production of quality products.

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