how often your suppliers make the plywood test monthly or yearly or do test batches ?

How often your suppliers make the plywood test monthly or yearly or do test for every  batches ? 

Fancy Decorative veneer  wood-based panel product and regular plywood or film faced plywood  quality supervision and Randomly /spot checks results, how many  batches of the most of the enterprises do not meet the requirements of the relevant standards?

How many  Wood panels samples tested  on the basis of CCXZ 407.11-2016 “decorative veneered wood-based panel products quality supervision and inspection rules for the implementation of” GB/T15104-2006 “, decorative veneered wood-based panel,” GB 18580-2001 “interior decoration decoration materials of man-made board and its products formaldehyde Limited” and other standards, water on the decorative veneered wood-based panels, impregnation rate peel test, Bonding quality test,surface bonding strength (

Strength Properties of Adhesives in Plywood Type Construction in Shear by Tension Loading

), thermal cycling test, formaldehyde release,Shear Strength and Formaldehyde Emission of Plywood amount of 5 items were tested.

Have the suppliers made all the documents can track the plywood test ?

Tested in the factory by the factor’s Laboratory or outside the third part Laboratory ?

They have english version or only chinese version of the test report ?The equipment of the laboratory is complete or not ?



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