Production technology of fireproof board for fire-proof board (HPL)

Production technology of fireproof board for fire-proof board
The process of the production process of fire prevention board or relatively, which is composed of advanced imported decorative paper, kraft paper imports after impregnation, drying, high temperature and other processing steps made: firstly, the advanced imported decorative paper, kraft paper imports were impregnated in melamine resin and styrene resin Tsuen reaction tank. After a period of time were impregnated with drying, and cutting the size of the need, then the water soaked decorative paper and a plurality of kraft paper (as the fire board with different thickness and) stacked together, placed under the press, at 300 degrees Fahrenheit (about 150 degrees Celsius) under high temperature, to every square 1430 inch pounds of pressure, sustained and balanced pressure for an hour, and then by trimming, sanding, quality inspection and other steps made.
Now on the market a lot of fire board manufacturers, we must choose to buy a professional manufacturer to buy, buy quality products, to ensure the use of the effect.

Defects and solutions in the production of fireproof board
A local white board
Cause of production:
1, the paper surface rubber content is insufficient or partial dry curing
2, surface paper volatile content is too low
3, hot pressing pressure is not uniform
4, in order to non elastic pad material
5, stainless steel plate showed uneven
6, the resin reaction is too old, the molecule is too large, resin fluidity
Solution method:
1, improve the surface paper resin content or control the drying temperature, prevent local resin curing
2, improve the surface paper volatile content
3, overhaul hot press, improve the uniformity of the pressure surface
4, regular replacement of conducting pad material
5, stainless steel plate regular polishing
6, the resin should be analyzed and tested, the failure to stop the use of indicators
Two, the board has wet flower (water vapor), the edge is more serious
Cause of production:
1, after drying to soak the gummed paper volatile content is too high
The ink or dye printing, 2 grain of the solvent is not suitable
3, dipping dried glue film paper moisture (moisture)
Solution method:
1, reduce the leaching of gummed paper after drying the volatile content
2, the replacement ink (dye) solvent
3, pay attention to the storage of plastic film, plastic sheeting can generally be covered
Three, decorative plate surface cracking
Cause of production:
1, resin reaction too tender, too small molecules
2, resin curing is not complete
3, the surface of the rubber film adhesive content is too high
Solution method:
1, failed to stop the use of resin
2, increase the hot press temperature or extend the hot pressing time
3, control the surface film adhesive content
Four, decorative plate layer
Cause of production:
1. The content of volatile matter is too low, and when the film is dry, the resin is cured
2, resin content of plastic film is not enough
3, the pressure is too low or hot enough time
4, plastic film paper between the debris
Solution method:
1, control the volatile content is not too low, the drying temperature is not too high, the time is not too long, to prevent local curing resin
2, to improve the amount of plastic film paper
3, appropriate to increase the pressure to extend the heating time
4, when the mold to pay attention to clear debris
Five, decorative board warping
Cause of production:
1, all kinds of paper composition of uneven thickness
2, rubber film adhesive content is uneven, inconsistent pressure everywhere
3, during the process of heat preservation can not be fully cooled
Solution method:
1, all kinds of paper should comply with process requirements
2, to maintain uniform resin concentration, adjust the gap of the extrusion roller shaft
3. Cool down to below 50 degrees

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