Photos & Videos used for the improvement of the plywood production

After visited so many small or big ,bad or good plywood manufacturers ,very few to see the products defects or faults of the photos and videos in the production lines .

But when I visited some kitchen cabinet factories ,I found that the major kitchen cabinet defects Photos Notices Printed on A4 paper and  hang at every production Lines for workers to be careful .

This is good lesson for most of the plywood factories or other wood panels products manufacturers to learn,this is very visual   photos are very clear describe  the real defects , very sensual can provide a clear understanding of the workers, Rather than providing some very boring professional text description and Theoretical knowledge .Just use the photos and videos to tell the workers which is right ,which is wrong ,how to correct ,how to improve and how to keep stable quality .

The photos should be clear, can accurately tell workers specific processing defects or natural defects, or can be edited by the software to add some text descriptions and some symbols.

Put a big painting board in every production process, it can be attached to at least 8x A4 photos or papers  can show complete exactly some major quality problems,especially for new workers that would be better .

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