9 quality problems easy to appear on the board

9 quality problems easy to appear on the board
Ecological plate, as the name suggests is the higher environmental requirements of the plate. There are always some problems in the process of making something perfect. So what are the problems in the process of eco – board?
1, environmental protection. Because the traditional process also needs to glue the decorative board and brush paint, so whether it can meet the requirements of environmental protection is one of the most serious ecological problems. Detection method: after the finished product, after a period of time to smell the pungent odor.
2, the surface is smooth. Detection method: in the darker light where the 45 degree angle to see whether rugged surface, look at the surface of the triangle seam and sanding marks is obvious.
3, whether the surface wet dried flowers, called home carbonation. If the plate surface punctate massive bright, long time will be black, or the surface paint fade shape, this is all wet and dry flowers.
4, paper fade. Relatively speaking, ink paper not easy to fade, three-dimensional sense of strong, paste paper worse than. Test method: two pieces of folded plate are staggered in the sun a few hours later, the following board to see whether there is color.
Ecological plate
5, plate cracking and bubbling. Is the substrate quality problems.
6, the paper is completely cured. Detection method: shoe polish, lipstick or pen on the surface after a few minutes to see whether completely erased.
7, whether or not the decorative paper affixed to the substrate. Detection method: in the cross section with the hand to dig, see if you can not pull the surface of the paper substrate.
8, whole plate thickness difference. Detection method: using vernier calipers on a piece of paper on the amount of more than one point thickness, is a normal error in 20 wire, home improvement requirements may be relaxed.
9, sheet deformation. The degree of deformation of the plate reflects the process capability of the manufacturer, because the static bending strength of the plate does not lead to the deformation of the plate. Detection methods: with eye observation.

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