How to choose decorative veneer veneer plywood

How to choose decorative veneer veneer plywood
In recent years, in plywood production, derived from many varieties, of which the most important one is in the original plywood on the surface of a thin paste decorative veneer veneer, called decorative veneer plywood market referred to as decorative board or panel.
It is worth noting that the common decorative panels are divided into natural wood veneer panels and artificial wood veneer panels. The natural wood veneer is a veneer veneer made of precious natural wood, which is processed by cutting or rotary cutting. Artificial thin wood is the use of relatively low price of logs cut into veneer, after a certain process of glue made of wood, and then cut into a decorative pattern with a fine decorative wood.
Is often a good pattern usually natural wood veneer veneer veneer veneer stickers, high-value species, such as cypress, pear wood, oak, Manchurian ash etc.. But in the name of goods, it shall be noted, for example, called “cypress plywood” or “plywood ashtree slices”, or “cherry wood trim”. Several methods of “veneer”, “slice”, “decorative board” are reflected in the “decorative board” of the basic characteristics. But not at the cypress three plywood, plywood and other three ashtree, because these are referred to as fan refers to the plywood panel and the bottom plate are made of wood or ash. Another problem is that the panel furniture production is increasing, although these furniture “cypress” wood appearance, but on the whole wood furniture is made of wood and other shops, now the furniture called “cypress furniture”, “cherry wood furniture sales, is wrong, or the so-called cedar furniture mahogany furniture, or wood furniture should be made of genuine goods at a fair price, with the wood, rather than decorative panel production. This problem should cause the operator consumer attention and vigilance, not misleading and be cut at the time of purchase.
The difference of appearance between artificial veneer and natural wood veneer is the basic texture for straight texture or texture patterns have rules and the natural wood texture pattern, natural pattern, variability is relatively large, irregular. In short, the selection of decorative panels should pay attention to the appearance of a better sense of beauty, the material should be carefully uniform, clear color. The grain appearance, with plate and mosaic texture should be regularly arranged in a wood cabinet, close, and nearly parallel seam edge.
The surface of the decorative panel selection should be smooth, burr grooves and planer marks day should be days of glue penetration phenomenon and surface pollution phenomenon (such as local yellow, black phenomenon) should be selected surface crack, no crack, no knots, clips, resin sac and gum canal; whole plate natural warp should be as small as possible avoid, due to improper sanding process substrate revealed sand penetration phenomenon.
Stable layer structure, no glue phenomenon. Attention should be paid to the surface between the veneer and the substrate, the inner layer of the substrate can not appear between the drum, layered phenomenon. Testing the bonding strength by means of a knife. This is the most intuitive testing methods of bonding strength, with a sharp blade along the open flat layer. If the layer damage, and the wood is not destroyed, that poor bonding strength.
To choose a low formaldehyde emission plate. Decorative panels with pungent odor should be avoided. Because the greater the smell, indicating that the higher the amount of formaldehyde emissions, the more pollution, the greater the harm.
Choose a product with a clear production enterprise. Most have a clear name and address, trademark products, good performance.

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