Check the quality of the plywood to see what aspects

Check the quality of the plywood to see what aspects

Due to the production process of multi layer Plywood is the use of sandwich form, so many of the poor quality plywood is the middle of poor quality Plywoods or even waste, which requires us to carefully check the time of purchase.

First of all, the flatness of the panel can see, can be seen from this point of inner materials Plywood, hand to touch and feel there is no uneven phenomenon, if any, or that sanding the surface is not good, or that the core Plywood material is not good, the broken material. Then, you can see whether the level of Plywood thickness more clear, more easily see, if each layer is a monolith, the level is very clear, do not have the phenomenon of cross level. Again, to check whether the thickness of the standard range, the thickness of the general good Plywood are in the range of the national standard, but not deformation, deformation and wood moisture content.

Another point to note that some people think that the heavier the multilayer Plywood, on the contrary, the heavier the moisture that improper handling, easy hair, or there are other miscellaneous.

What are the types of blank and pre – compression of multi – Plywood

Multi layer Plywood in the billet, should comply with the principle of symmetry, odd layer, such as the combination of single Plywood, in a series of post-processing to complete the processing and production.

Is a form of traditional craft, is the inner single Plywood double-sided adhesive and non adhesive core Plywood and table back together with a blank group, a pressure Plywood. A form is a relatively new technology, often the inner single Plywood is a piece of single-sided adhesive and surface Plywood without glue or back to conduct a matching and pre pressing, and then repair finishing, then second times with Plywood and pre pressure in the inner single Plywood side glue, and the core Plywood. There is a kind of form is the inner single Plywood is a piece of single-sided adhesive and non adhesive core Plywood of a Plywood, hot pressing and pre match.

And then repair finishing, then in the inner single Plywood side single coating, and the table Plywood or second times with the Plywood and preloading and backPlywood.

Multi layer Plywood in the production of furniture and decorative materials used, are applied, the following Xiaobian will introduce to you about the application of multi layer knowledge:

First of all, plywood is a number of packaging, furniture and shipbuilding, and many other industries must be manufactured, it is made of a number of very detailed details of the details, usually one of the furniture materials. Such as furniture manufacturers will use it to do some cupPlywoods, and sofa etc. Home Furnishing in interior decoration supplies; and also can do the floor lining Plywood, ceiling and so on; it also can be used in the engineering construction, packaging industry etc..

Then, the multilayer Plywood has both the characteristics of natural wood of light weight, high strength, beautiful texture, insulation, some defects also make up the natural wood naturally produced, such as knots, small format, mechanical deformation, and large differences etc..

Multi layer products on the market a lot, so the quality is uneven, which requires us to buy, we should carefully check the quality.

In the density detection when the laminate sheet, can be lifted into the air to throw 1.5 meters down, look at the coated plywood and the lath layers have no glue or loose Plywood phenomenon; or is inserted into the blade to gelatinize, if is not inserted into the sticks fast, and if it’s easy to insert. And get more deep, it is not firmly stick. We should also observe the surface Plywood, with strong nail caught, or with small tooth row, if the table Plywood or surface finishes caught bad or pulled that is not glued.

Multi layer Plywood manufacturers should be able to withstand the quality of multiple tests, so we must carefully check to avoid problems in the use of.

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