Film/Paper of the film faced plywood production and QC tips

Film of the film faced plywood  paper is impregnated paper, made of special paper impregnated resin or phenolic resin, and dried to a certain degree of curing dip tape. Film of the film faced plywood  paper is divided into black Film of the film faced plywood  paper and brown Film of the film faced plywood  paper, attached to the surface of the phenolic resin film has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, compression resistance.

Film of the film faced plywood  paper is widely used in film faced plywood production, the film construction film board can make the building smooth, smooth and easy to use, and free the two plastering, greatly shorten the construction period; the application quantity can limit the harmful gases, reduce the pollution of the building; waterproof paint Film of the film faced plywood  paper can greatly extend the service life of the diaphragm. Can make repeated use of   film faced plywood .

What is the difference between red and black paint of the film faced plywood ?

Core tip: building   film faced plywood  red and black has two kinds of situations: first, the color of the side of the paint can be painted red and black, is generally defined by the manufacturers themselves to define the kind of plate used glue; two is the surface of the film

There are two kinds of red and black building   film faced plywood s:

First, the color of the side of the paint can be painted red and black, the manufacturers are generally used to define their own plate;

Two is the surface of the film color. Generally, brown paper is better and the price is more expensive. But the core, that is, the substrate with black film version is different, it depends on the specific manufacturers is how to define the.

In summary, both brown and black surface, or the side paint colors red and black, not what the specific provisions in the industry, there is no unified what convention, by definition of the manufacturers themselves, and the definition of the manufacturers are not the same.


High quality film for the   high quality of building formwork film faced plywood


When producing the film  paper of the  film faced plywood production, in order to ensure that in accordance with the provisions of the format film faced plywood size, so to have a margin, after compressed film faced plywood to some, by cutting edge, remove the machining allowance. The edge of the wood utilization rate is higher, and film faced plywood sizes, slab technology, cutting edge technology, have a great relationship with the performance of the equipment. General cutting margin is 1/10 of the area of the film faced plywood or even less. Skilled operation, high precision machine tools, can be compressed margin. Because of the reasons for saving wood, so cut the width of the board in the 25 mm.


Quality requirements for cutting edge of building formwork.


(1) to ensure that the film faced plywood is straight and upright in the four corners.

(2) the film faced plywood edge should be smooth, no obvious trace.

(3) the edge should be within the allowable error range.

(4) the sawing time of thick film faced plywood should be well controlled by the speed of the film faced plywood, the thicker the film faced plywood, the slower the speed of the film faced plywood.

Notes on proper maintenance and proper storage of building formwork plywood

For the film faced plywood paper, moderate maintenance and proper storage will not only extend the service life of the film faced plywood, but also to industrial production and construction projects to reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.

So, how to maintain the film faced plywood? The following is a comprehensive description of the daily maintenance of the film faced plywood paper, hope more people to use and store the correct template paper.

First, in use, the template cutting board to sawing machine with more than 100 teeth and alloy saw blade with the track; to the irregular shape of the template to use when the hand-held electric saw for cutting;

After building paper cutting, drilling template must use special sealing paint to prevent incision closed template deformation due to water absorption;

In addition, the template on the nail or punch must be on the board in the bottom of the wooden side of the board, beware of the left side of the plate caused by the split;

When used to pay attention to prevent scratches, bumps, metal angle falls, attention must be paid to ensure that its set of shape and surface integrity.

Secondly, in the maintenance of storage, film faced plywood removal back immediately with contributions to the complete removal of the template surface for scraper turnover;

If the template need long-term storage should use oil on its surface, neatly stacked and the use of cloth cover;

Deformation and aging of the template in the course of transportation and storage to avoid sun exposure;

Finally, in the construction site, the template to be stored in a flat, dry site, be sure to avoid the temperature and humidity are extreme places.

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