Common problems of impregnated paper

Common problems of impregnated paper
1 sticky pad phenomenon
Sticky plate refers to the plate in the hot pressing process of some or all stick on the board. The reasons are as follows:
(1) the hot pressing time is short, or the temperature of the hot pressing plate is low or the part is low, so that the resin is not cured completely;
(2) high moisture content of substrate;
(3) the amount of glue on the impregnated paper is too large and the volatile content is too high;
(4) the surface of the steel plate is not clean, the type of release agent is not suitable or the coating is uneven;
(5) the slab location is not accurate.
The phenomenon of sticking plate occurs around the plate, which is due to the low temperature of the edge, and may be caused by the deviation of the slab from the position of the press. We should check to find out the real reason, the sticky board solved in time, reduce the loss. The adhesive plate is mostly caused by the incomplete curing of the adhesive. Therefore, it is an effective way to solve the problem by increasing the temperature or prolonging the hot pressing time.
2.2 warpage
(1) from the analysis of the hot pressing plate is warping angle, because the upper and lower plate temperature difference is too large, causing the film adhesive curing speed pressing two side of the substrate is not synchronized, plate bending to solid seventeen fast side by. The author believes that the appropriate temperature difference between the upper and lower pressure plate should be 3 to.
(2) from the point of view of the material itself, the performance of the two layers of impregnated paper used in the village material will also cause the warping of the plate. If the use of a single substrate stickers, warping is an inevitable result. From the production point of view, the use of the same impregnated paper or adjust the temperature difference between the upper and lower platen, to ensure that the plate does not produce warpage.
(3) after the hot pressing the finished product stacking method is not correct, it is another main reason for the warpage of the plate. The solution is to use a uniform, flat pad or tray to store hot pressed melamine impregnated paper. Shandong impregnated paper manufacturers
In summary, in order to produce high quality products, reasonable selection process must be excellent impregnated paper and substrate; in addition to the operation and inspection personnel to cooperate, the problem should be timely feedback, the only way to ensure the stable quality of products, a greater share of the market.

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