Impregnated paper to study the performance of the glue preparation process



Impregnated paper to study the performance of the glue preparation process


In the process of dipping two times, the MF paper is used to coat the surface of balance paper. Then is to pay attention to two aspects, one is the design and preparation of glue formula preparation process of choice, according to the reaction mechanism and the requirements of impregnated paper glue and glue on the excellent performance of glue preparation technology; on the other hand is in the glue, to choose the most suitable curing agent. The penetrating agent, release agent, adding in the original glue in proper proportion, so as to improve production efficiency.


Impregnated paper is actually used to cover the surface of the paper, after the adoption of melamine glue and some additives were impregnated. So in order to make better decorative effect of melamine paper, and achieve the balance of mechanics, it is best to use some flowers and add a colored paper, wear-resistant paper in its appearance, so in balance and decoration, it can reach the requirement of melamine paper is very good, but if it is cut using the base function is. It is difficult to achieve the decorative effect.

Impregnated paper has become a popular choice
Impregnated paper in the product structure is placed in the surface of the paper, mainly to provide decorative patterns and decorative patterns to prevent the infiltration of the underlying glue. This layer requires a good covering power, impregnation and printing properties. Impregnated paper requires a smooth surface, good absorbency and adaptability, the background color of the requirements of uniform colors, color bright color requirements.
Impregnated paper because it has high hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance of the surface smooth, easy to maintain the excellent performance of cleaning and other natural wood can not be both, is often used in interior architecture and furniture, cabinet decoration, the melamine impregnated paper furniture has become a wide choice of mass the. In the use of the process, if there are cracks or cracks in the surface of the paper, the following methods can be used for simple repair:
First put a piece of wet towel or cloth on the breakage, put a hot iron on the wet, forcing the moisture into the veneer, melamine impregnated paper and let soften without fragmentation. Then put the old glue cleanly, and then coated with a layer of wood in the primary emulsion, finally on the other side loose veneer of a new coat of glue, glue compaction, to be completely dry can.

Knowledge of impregnation  dipping process

Dipping process is of course a very important step, let us know about the impregnation process:

In the first stage of glue, making melamine resin and urea formaldehyde resin, then adding modifier, stored in the storage cylinder two acid in conveying to the impregnation pipe production line, adding curing agent, wetting agent, coating agent and defoaming agent. In the paper after two impregnation, after first urea formaldehyde resin glue tank, through infrared drying, into second melamine resin impregnated glue tank, then use desiccant for drying.

It is precisely because of the role of air support, the paper will be suspended in the dryer operation, after cooling, cut into a certain size can be.

Impregnated paper can be produced with a special function of the decorative panel: can be made of fire, earthquake resistant, heat resistant laminate, bright color, strong and heat-resistant decorative board. The utility model can also be used as a panel for an aircraft, a ship and a furniture, and a fire proof, earthquake resistant and heat resistant building decoration material. Melamine paste panel can also be made into a number of special washing powder, such as molding powder, after mixing, granulation and other processes can be made of melamine plastics, etc..

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