Impregnated paper to understand the basic knowledge of ink performance and color

Impregnated paper to understand the basic knowledge of ink performance and color
The actual printing, often encounter color issues, if do not understand the basic knowledge of the performance of the ink and color, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect.
1 understand the variation of impregnated paper three color printing ink additive and the primary release color analysis, find out the main hue
2 kinds of paper impregnated with minimal secondary color ink or color modulation, too many types, will make the ink dark, gloss reduced, pay attention to ink when you want to use the same ink factory production, the same type of modulation. It is best to use the same type of pigment ink modulation, so as to avoid chemical reaction or difficult to affinity.
3 changes of impregnated paper colors added: primary red yellow and red with a small amount of the original, with the aggravation of yellow and orange, red toner gradually become dark yellow, yellow. The original yellow with a little of the original blue is green, with the blue phase gradually increased, emerald green, green, green, dark green, dark green. The original blue with a little of the original red is blue, with blue, red phase gradually increased, ultramarine blue and purple violet. The original red and blue is a little red, blue phase increase after the deep purple, red purple, dark blue and purple the most.
4 impregnated paper white ink, gray ink, black ink not only have the hue, saturation. Any color ink with white ink will make the ink gloss, shine, color and fall rise. If adding black ink will make the ink gloss and color drop.

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