in the purchase pay attention on Melamine paper quality control

Melamine impregnated paper Main index
A. amount of glue: the content of solid resin in decorative adhesive film, expressed as percentage (%). B. volatile content: the content of volatile matter (mostly water and other small molecules) in the decorative film, expressed as a percentage (%). C. pre curing degree: the degree of curing of the resin in the decorative film paper is expressed as a percentage (%).

A lot of people in the purchase of ecological board veneer paper, the use of knowledge may not understand, but if we want to obtain a good decorative effect, we must first understand its use.
The eco board veneer paper if there is curling phenomenon, can use special wallpaper glue brush on the back of the wallpaper, then the squeegee pressure can stick. If there is a bubble, you can use the syringe to inject glue, and then gently press, and then wipe away the excess glue on it. But also to avoid the hot air blowing in the wallpaper, wallpaper in case of hot cracking, discoloration. The other is, don’t let the desks and chairs on the cusp of wallpaper, it is easy to cause the wallpaper rupture, affect the appearance.
Only in this way, it can ensure the use of ecological board veneer paper does not appear, in order to play the advantages of ecological veneer paper.

in the purchase pay attention on Melamine paper quality control

The production of impregnated paper generally has the advantages of less process, low energy consumption, low cost, and so on, in order to ensure its quality should be how to do?

First of all, we must use the decorative base paper of high quality, fundamentally the quality of impregnated paper is guaranteed, and no matter what kind of paper should be tested qualified after use. Then, in the process of impregnation, the process should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the process, to ensure that the amount of glue, volatile content and pre consolidation are in line with the technical requirements. For impregnating and drying of the film, it is necessary to immediately use the compound plastic film packaging, and glue strip seal, and stored in a qualified warehouse.

These quality control problems are not to be ignored, we have to pay attention to the time of purchase.

What are the causes of the paper folding
In the process of the production of impregnated paper, sometimes the phenomenon of pleated or broken paper, what is the reason? Let’s look at the following:
First, is possible in the production of melamine impregnated paper, brake uncoiler is too strong, the guide roller position is wrong, there may be a prepreg roller roller roller too close distance prepreg.
Second, may be immersed in the glue groove in the paper tension is too large, or the dryer paper tension is too large.
Third, from the first section of the dryer out of the net between the roller of the volatile content of the paper is not appropriate.
Fourth, because the base weight is not uniform, there is a gap or fold, paper wet tensile strength is not enough reason, can also cause this problem.

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