Melamine decorative paper Use common sense

Melamine decorative paper Use common sense
Melamine decorative paper is now more commonly used decorative paper, however, in the use of this decorative paper, some common sense or need to know.
1, Alice, foaming Wallpaper: if appear to Alice, you can use special wallpaper glue brush on the back of the wallpaper, then the squeegee pressure can stick; if the foaming conditions, can glue with a syringe, then press down gently, and then wipe the excess glue on it.
2, avoid hot air to wallpaper blowing: wallpaper in hot cracking, color change, so the user in the winter when the heating should not directly to the wallpaper blowing.
3, the purchase should pay attention to the details of the melamine decorative paper number and batch number: at the time of purchase, but also pay attention to every wall paper number and batch number is the same, although some wallpaper is the same number, but because the production date is different, the color may have subtle color, and every wall paper number is on behalf of the same color. Recognize the number and date, so as not to affect the overall beauty of the home.
4, we should pay attention not to let the desks and chairs on the cusp of wallpaper, it is easy to cause the wallpaper rupture, affect the appearance.
5, daily cleaning melamine decorative paper: if the long-term is not clean, resulting in the wallpaper ash too deep, stains are likely to penetrate the wallpaper, then it will be very troublesome to clean. As long as the daily cleaning of vacuum duster to remove dust; every 3-6 months, can use a sponge dipped in detergent diluted, the sponge wrung sponge wipe, this is to prevent too much water, causing water seeping into the wallpaper, wallpaper mildewy.

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