Melamine impregnated paper and wood veneer difference

Melamine impregnated paper  and wood veneer  difference
Melamine impregnated paper is a kind of decorative skin paper, the raw material is wood pulp kraft paper, then what is the difference between it and the wood?
First, melamine impregnated paper on the pattern is printed; and the pattern is of high quality wood veneer with decorative pattern. Second, melamine impregnated paper thickness in 0.5-1.0mm; and the thickness of veneer is generally 1.0mm-2.0mm. Third, melamine impregnated paper veneer and many of their products; most precious species can only rely on imported products. Fourth, melamine impregnated paper is a kind of decorative skin paper, used for surface treatment of sheet, plate after still need to finish processing; and the veneer is a semi natural decorative material. Melamine impregnated paper manufacturers
There is, melamine impregnated paper according to the different materials can be used for surface decoration, furniture or trimming; and the veneer is mainly used for surface decoration in senior.

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