Melamine impregnated paper material

Melamine impregnated paper material
Melamine impregnated paper is a paste on both sides of the substrate paste a layer (special case for the two layer) impregnated paper, than the surface layer of the laminate to be much weaker. Therefore, the higher requirements of technology for the quality of the original paper. The paper is divided into decorative paper, paper and paper surface balance.
(1) decorative paper
At present commonly used quantitative 80-120g/ square meters of decorative paper. The choice of decorative paper quantitative consideration of wood-based panel substrate surface structure, when the surface roughness of the substrate structure, the amount of decorative paper to be larger – to cover the surface roughness.
Decorative paper should have good coverage ability, avoid the color of the substrate, sawdust, etc. to appear in the burr form after hot pressing, so the content of titanium dioxide in paper packing decoration should reach 30%-35%.
Absorbent decorative paper should be strong enough, the tree wax content is the decisive factor to ensure the veneer surface layer bonding strength and good performance. When the single layer of impregnated paper is covered, it should reach 120%-140%.
(2) surface paper
Due to the low pressure short period of the process of limiting the thickness of the surface layer of impregnated paper, under normal circumstances, only in the laminate flooring laminate treatment, will be in the decorative paper covered with a layer of wear-resistant surface paper.
The surface of paper manufacturing with high content of alpha cellulose in refining chemical pulp, adding different amounts of silver oxide (Al2O3) particles in the paper. According to the use of a variety of occasions are divided into different levels of wear, and maintain the characteristics of highly transparent. The surface paper should be 150%-200%.
(3) balance paper
Balance paper used on the back surface of the substrate, play the role of structural balance.
Balance paper is a non – purified sulfate paper, similar to the base paper. Commonly used quantitative 80-150g/m2, according to the use of veneer paper layer, substrate type, thickness, pressing process conditions, the balance of the paper. The balance of paper used in flooring on the back when the impregnated melamine resin can ensure good waterproof performance; by sticking the panel on the back of the furniture and decoration such as melamine, urea formaldehyde, melamine can be impregnated copolymer resin and to reduce the cost.

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