Notes on hot pressing treatment of melamine impregnated paper

The three factors of the hot pressing process of melamine impregnated paper are interdependent and mutually restricted. And the three factors on the impact of the panel is not the same, however, in the hot pressing process, but also need to pay attention to so many things: impregnated paper manufacturers
General in the operation process, move the impregnated paper carefully, to avoid damage; not wearing dirty gloves allow; assembly process such as the discovery of the surface is not clean to clean the substrate; when the feed should be carefully inspected and found large board wood shavings, chipping, breakage, sand marks, should be timely reject, refuse to use; paving machine roller, a material sucking and stacking of small cups, the grading conveyor roller regularly to prevent surface cleaning, India has suckers and dust caused degradation products. Impregnated paper manufacturers
In addition, also need to pay attention to high temperature is beneficial to the pressing after release, and can shorten the hot pressing period, increase the yield, but the high temperature of the resin to uniform flow is caused by tiny pore surface curing.

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