Preparation before use the melamine impregnated paper

Preparation before use the melamine impregnated paper
Melamine impregnated paper is one of the most popular veneer materials. Melamine resin is a kind of high pressure resin, along with the development of the application, the successful development of a variety of modified melamine resin, it can directly under low pressure impregnation paper sticking in artificial board. In particular, the low pressure short period method can be used to directly paste the impregnated paper on the surface of the artificial board, which has the characteristics of short hot pressing period and high production efficiency.
The use of melamine resin impregnated paper surface veneer wood-based panel furniture production, in order to ensure the stability of product quality and no deformation, in both sides of the substrate affixed to a layer of decorative impregnated paper, but sometimes in order to reduce the cost of positive decorative impregnated paper, stick on the back of equilibrium paper with a layer of urea formaldehyde resin and phenolic resin impregnated. Sometimes even only on the surface of the artificial board with a layer of decorative impregnated paper, and the back is not a sticker, but this form of veneer stress imbalance, the panel is easy to deformation.
The fluidity of melamine resin is improved, and the production process can be made by low pressure method. When pressed on the panel, it can be carried out on the single layer press by the “hot” method, and the technological conditions are determined by the technical requirements of the modified adhesive. The requirement for the moisture content of the substrate is 6%-8%.
When the melamine impregnated paper veneer is made by low pressure or low pressure short period method, the basic method of the blank layout is shown in the figure. Among them, C is the common form, both sides are required, the back instead of decorative impregnated paper; graph surface physical properties of D and E, but the cost is higher; figure a form suitable for plywood wood surface texture beautiful as a substrate when using. With a blank paper, should be slightly larger than the material of paper, each side of the margin of 15mm, in order to make the processes behind.
According to the requirements of the use of the situation and the surface of the substrate, you can take the more layers of the billet, to particleboard, for example, the way the billet as shown. The first method is to use the surface of the surface of paper, decorative paper, cover paper each one, with three basic paper laid on the substrate. Second with a surface layer of paper stock is less than the first method, the surface gloss and durability is poor, low wear resistance. In order to reduce the cost, the back can not paste wood grain decorative paper.

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