The difference between impregnated paper(film) and decorative paper

The difference between impregnated paper and decorative paper
A difference: for impregnated paper focused on the protection board, veneer paper focuses on decoration plate.
The difference between the two: impregnated paper refers to a production process, and veneer paper refers to a class of paper. Because paste on the surface of the board or furniture can be called paper.
The difference between the three: the definition of impregnated paper is very clear, there is the impregnation process paper, veneer paper is very general, ditto.

Ecological decorative paper is mainly decorative effect, is an important part of the decorative board, the following will be the production of melamine impregnated paper manufacturers to introduce to us how to maintain the ecological plate decorative paper:
First, always open the window, ensure the circulation, if not long-term convection, the room is wet or mold on the decorative paper will breed, this will not only affect the life of decorative paper, but also on human health will also bring great threat. Second, it is best to use a hair brush every day on top of the decorative paper sweep, often take care of decorative paper, in order to avoid decorative paper covered with dust. Third, if you find the edge of the decorative paper has the phenomenon of getting up, only need to use professional decorative paper glue paste, and then a piece of flat objects press a pressure on it.

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