The suitable pressure of impregnated paper can ensure the good bonding between the substrate and the impregnated paper

The suitable pressure of impregnated paper can ensure the good bonding between the substrate and the impregnated paper
The impregnated paper is made of high quality decorative paper, impregnated with melamine glue and made by proper curing. Melamine impregnated paper grain rich layers, texture clear; surface texture is excellent, and the substrate securely; wear resistance, scratch resistant, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti pollution, moisture-proof; anti ultraviolet ability, do not fade; the indicators have reached or exceeded the national standard, environmental protection and health.
The appropriate pressure can ensure the good combination between the substrate and the impregnated paper, under suitable temperature and pressure, melting and curing resin impregnated paper after the surface to form a closed, compact, but also can make the surface of the substrate and micro pores can be filled. Usually, the pressure is 2 ~ 3.OMPa, in the premise of not affecting the quality of products, should be used in low pressure, the internal structure of this equipment, the service life of hydraulic oil, the substrate is useful; but the low pressure and the effect of substrate bonding strength and the resin impregnated paper flow ability. Therefore, the actual production, should be based on different substrates and cushion of the old and new to adjust the unit pressure.
The length of hot pressing time depends on the curing speed and hot pressing temperature of the impregnated resin, which is usually 40 ~ 50s. A long time will cause excessive loss of resin curing, should be flexible, easy to cause cracks or product intrinsic stress, the cracks and warping in the following process; time is too short, the resin curing is not sufficient, prone to sticky phenomenon, and the influence of physical and chemical properties of the product surface, affecting the durability of the product. The time required for different materials, with each new product board to test the extent of cure, and then adjust the parameters according to the experimental results of hot pressing.

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