The temperature of impregnated paper can meet the requirement of hot pressing process

The temperature of impregnated paper can meet the requirement of hot pressing process
When the impregnated paper is pressed after high temperature is conducive to the release, and can shorten the hot pressing period, improve the output, but too high temperature of the resin without uniform activity is cured, constitute the face has tiny pores. According to the 1998 National impregnated paper veneer artificial board quality inspection data show, once an appropriate number of companies to reach the intention of progress value, through the progress of hot pressing temperature to shorten the hot pressing time, results constitute surface easy to rebound and not smooth. It seems that the progress of the output value, in fact, is dedicated to the quality of goods as a value, together with the production of standardized goods manufacturers impact.
Impregnated paper suitable pressure to ensure good relationship between substrate and impregnated paper, at a suitable temperature and pressure effect, melting and curing resin impregnated paper in the form after the close, fine appearance, also can make the substrate surface uneven corrosion micro pores can be filled.

The aim of mechanical balance effect of impregnated paper
The most representative of the impregnated paper mill is a kind of impregnated paper, is mainly a kind of plain paper or printing decorative paper after impregnation and drying after amino resin to a certain extent and contains a certain resin content and volatile content of the paper, according to the paper the function varies in the production process, it is also we have more effect in the purchase process can choose, play a decorative role, bring better effect for decoration, some people need some good wear resistance can use wear-resistant paper, and if remembering that mechanical equilibrium effect can be used to carry out the production and use of equilibrium paper, widely used in cabinets, wardrobe, etc. product.
Impregnated paper the most basic role in daily life is the decoration, but also the most important role in mill products now impregnated fashion environmental protection, environmental protection has become one of the key, because closely related to our daily life, give the family a healthy living environment.

It is difficult to achieve the decorative effect because of the scratch of the impregnated paper
Impregnated paper is a kind of modern decorative material, can be used for dipping paper panels, and sometimes impregnated paper panels will scratch, what is the reason?
First of all, it may be caused by the friction of the impregnated paper when the panel is in the process, the material is not taken into account, the plate is pulled downwards, and the back surface is rubbed with the edge of the bottom plate. Secondly, there may be in the process of drilling and sealing material, between the board and the board edge dragging or garbage drag caused by friction, so tohandlegentlyand. Again, there may be no attention because of stacking veneer, edge angle between the plate and the plate drag or garbage drag caused by friction, so it can move in the required code board after contact plane.
Impregnated paper is actually used to cover the surface of the paper, after the adoption of melamine glue and some additives were impregnated. So in order to make better decorative effect of melamine paper, and achieve the balance of mechanics, it is best to use some flowers and add a colored paper, wear-resistant paper in its appearance, so in balance and decoration, it can reach the requirement of melamine paper is very good, but if it is cut using the base function is. It is difficult to achieve the decorative effect.

How to solve the problem of curing of impregnated paper
In the hot pressing production of impregnated paper, some problems may occur,
First of all, if the curing agent is caused by too high degree of pre consolidation, it is necessary to take a lower temperature and pressure, while shortening the hot pressing cycle approach to solve. Secondly, it may be because of the drying temperature caused by the pre solidification degree is too high, then it is necessary to take to reduce temperature, increase pressure, prolong the time, the purpose is to improve the flow of liquid in the molten state. Again, for the first time a higher degree of curing products, should be taken to reduce temperature, long time to dispose of, and for the first time the pre curing degree lower product, should try to increase the temperature, reduce the pressure of the way to deal with.
The influence of process factors on the surface of impregnated paper:
First, the temperature, according to the requirements of melamine impregnated paper, curing temperature of 150-160 DEG C, hot pressing temperature on the impregnation of the curing reaction of the resin is a favorable condition for accelerated curing. The second is the pressure, pressure should be as evenly as possible in the whole surface of the distribution, the appropriate pressure can ensure the good combination between the board and the paper, the resin impregnated paper in the flow uniformity, form a closed, non porous surface. Once again, the time can be divided into resin flow time and resin curing time.

How much do you know about the hot pressing process of impregnated paper
Impregnated paper product specifications: 52-58% PSF 40/120 59-60% PSF resin content 60/160 59-63% PSF 80/220 59-63% size ring width (mm): 950/1250/1270 barrel length (mm): 1000 volume diameter (mm): 450 volume diameter (mm): 152 color dark brown, brown cover (DBR) (CBR), chestnut brown (CNB) red, brown (DRB), light brown and black.
Storage conditions – we recommend that PSF be kept in a cool and dry environment (23 &#91 C / C at &#93 C / C at a temperature of about 73 DEG C / C, relative to temperature) by the use of the original seal.
Hot pressing process commonly used hot pressing process parameters are 130-140, 6-7MIN, 14-18KG/CSM. The plate – usually in the hot pressing process of HDO, in order to obtain a smooth surface with chrome plated stainless steel plate or aluminum plate as a plate.

The production of melamine impregnated paper is a process that needs to be impregnated, and many of the characteristics of the impregnation agent, they are also indicators of product quality.
General impregnant is carried out in an immersion tank, dipping tank to keep constant temperature and constant, while in the impregnation process, need to continuously add new glue, to ensure the consistent amount of melamine impregnated paper glue, glue viscosity according to different melamine impregnated paper and different. Is a dipping of gum and air exchange process in the paper, how to completely discharge the air from the paper, dipping way is one of the main factors.
In other words, after the paper is dry, the air inside the paper should be removed from the paper and then dipped into the dipping tank.

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