What is the relationship between the thickness of impregnated paper and warpage

What is the relationship between the thickness of impregnated paper and warpage
The quality of impregnated paper Bohou itself is proportional to the. Thin impregnated paper is naturally lighter. According to the color printing, and the use of different needs, impregnated paper thickness requirements are not the same. For example, we want to use the impregnated paper to cover some small flaws in the plate itself, the impregnated paper selects the micro lit thin, certainly not to the role of ambition. Usually, the quality of impregnated paper ranged from 70 to 135, but not the same type of impregnated paper in the thickness of the requirements is not the same.
In the process of the processing and application of the surface of the impregnated paper, it often appears the appearance of warpage:
First, the paper is not uniform impregnation, volatiles have not the same as. Secondly, it is possible that the temperature difference between the hot pressing plate and the hot pressing plate is too large, so that the speed of the two sides of the paste panel is not consistent, which leads to the rapid solidification of the plate. Again is the amount of glue ambassador to the water to add quantitative, so it is simple in the monotonic link, a conversion of moisture is not uniform, it is one of the causes of melamine impregnated paper warp representation.

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