Four Misunderstandings of the cabinet board

Four Misunderstandings of the cabinet board
Misunderstanding: moisture-proof and waterproof is a nature?
In many people’s minds, moisture-proof and waterproof be equal. In fact, this concept is not accurate. Moisture-proof effect is in the substrate mixed with moisture-proof agent, moisture-proof agent is colorless. Manufacturers in order to make it different from the ordinary plate, in the plate to add green or red color (green, red more advanced) as a recognition mark. The moisture proofing agent has no effect on the waterproof performance of the sheet. Practice has proved that a curing agent board without curing agents soak in water, expansion rate is the same, the so-called proof is a role for the moisture in the air. In foreign countries, rarely used curing agents because they pay more attention to the tightness of surface treatment and sealing. Here Shanjia remind you, do not blindly add too much moisture board performance, but will affect the strength of wood-based panel.
Error two: fire board is fire?
Small doubts: it seems from the literal meaning, the plate is fire, many consumers have this misunderstanding. In fact, this name is not correct, refractory fire does not exist in the true sense, the correct translation should be “naihuoban”. The so-called “fire board” is the name of imported from Taiwan. Any material as long as the surface attached melamine, will have a certain degree of fire resistance, such as melamine once forming plate. A fireproof time requirements for fireproof board, can only open fire to roast for a period of time, and then will produce chemical reaction namely charring. The fireproof time up to the so-called “fire board” from 35 to 40 seconds, in this range, fire can produce either black fume, no chemical reaction. Of course, the longer the fire resistance of refractory plate.
Myth three: to identify the need to look at the plate?
Quality depends on material. Small factory production of the cabinet is cheap, in addition to processing means, the most important is the plate, the cost. Inferior plate surface color, touch the surface uneven, melamine brittle force, easy to fall off, from the cross section, the thickness of wood fiber particles is not uniform, a larger gap, even dirt, nails and stones and other junk. A lot of small workshop in order to reduce the cost, with a large number of low-quality urea formaldehyde glue, no clean link, its performance with quality of physical and chemical properties of particleboard can not be compared, looks similar in appearance, inherent quality is a world of difference.
Error four: domestic formaldehyde standards and foreign differences?
For the detection of European standards standard is 9mg, China’s wood-based panel formaldehyde provisions: 9mg/100g plate 100 allows 9 mg of free formaldehyde in the plate, the surface is strict, with foreign countries there is a little difference, but at the same time, another standard, artificial board after surface treatment, allowing the formaldehyde content is 30mg, protection the standard of production of small and medium enterprises is very strong. When you buy the cabinet, the release of formaldehyde is an index that can not be ignored.

Detailed custom cabinets used 7 largeengineered /Solid wood panelss

Not all of theengineered /Solid wood panelss are suitable to do cabinets, their types are also complex, small series of today’s market on the 7 commonengineered /Solid wood panels, do a detailed introduction. Look at what is practical and affordable, the heart has a bottom!


“If not with vigour and vitality of tainted milk news, readers may not know this thing melamine. Melamine board is the most commonly usedengineered /Solid wood panels making. The substrate is particleboard melamineengineered /Solid wood panels, it is hot in particleboard based on double dipping paper which becomes the melamine board we see. Decoration companies in order to facilitate the habit will be used as particleboard, but in fact they are different. Because particleboard is only the substrate, and can not be directly used to produce cabinets.

The wood particle board substrate is particleboard, is not a real wood particle. Because the price is relatively cheap and environmentally friendly, solid wood particle board has been favored by furniture manufacturers and cabinet manufacturers, is currently the mainstream of furniture production and the production of cabinets. However, thisengineered /Solid wood panels also has shortcomings: fear of water, fear, poor grip nail, bending performance is not good. So used to make the cabinet durability is not long.

The double panel it is most common in the cabinet door, a door, more affordable but ultimately, it is actually the melamine board. Processing technology of double panel is double-sided finishes of paper, it is called a double panel, but the material is the same.

The gridengineered /Solid wood panels is not a singleengineered /Solid wood panels type, aengineered /Solid wood panels but Austria grid company. As one of the European particleboard production giant, European imports of particleboard company love case is also the first to enter the market Chinese. All currently on the market can buy genuine egger all imported from Europe, there is no so-called domestic goods and domestic OEM, counterfeit love case board is currently on the market.

The processing of density board requires a large volume of adhesive, so environmental protection index is not good. The domestic market can see a good density board is not much, but the density of the board used less, of course, the price is high. In addition to paint door, basically we all used to mdf. The price is higher than the density board, melamine board, although the nail holding ability is poor, but the smoothness is very good, so is the best material for making baking sheet.

The wood finger board was first used in furniture parts, then gradually used in the cupboard. Some readers will think that wood is certainly the best. In fact, this kind of wood is divided into many grades. The common market is Chinese fir and pine.  But these two kinds of wood are not the best, usually defined as cork and fast-growing materials.

The eco board is based on solid wood finger board as base material, and then double stick melamine paper. Eco board is the site of the production of wardrobe and cabinet use of theengineered /Solid wood panels, and the characteristics of the coreengineered /Solid wood panels is the same, nail holding force is good, good bending performance, but the gap and gap, poor flatness.

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