Panel furniture closet knowledge points! Do you know all this?

Panel furniture closet knowledge points! Do you know all this?

Wardrobe is an important part of furniture, because each family can not do without a closet to store clothing. But the process of buying wardrobe in the consumer, will inevitably have businesses to sell their products while boasting, not what the professional knowledge of consumers often in the trap. Today, China’s environmental protectionengineered /Solid wood panels ten brands of greenengineered /Solid wood panels on the introduction of the wardrobe to buy a common trap and wardrobe maintenance and cleaning methods for your reference.

Wardrobe to buy common traps

1, E0 super E0 formaldehydeless

As consumers more attention to environmental protection and, in order to show their products is the most environmentally friendly, wardrobe manufacturers almost as various means, environmental standards Chinese existing in the highest level of formaldehyde is only E1, but theengineered /Solid wood panels manufacturers and custom furniture manufacturers was launched E0 level, E0 level, and even more launched a formaldehyde free products. In fact it is possible these productsengineered /Solid wood panels manufacturers introduced the formaldehyde content is far below the E1 standard, in fact has already reached the European E0 standard, but no formaldehyde basically does not exist, because as long as the use of glue sheet or process raw materials containing formaldehyde, then you cannot avoid sheet is no formaldehyde, back in terms of ten thousand points even if the original ecology of the wood have formaldehyde containing trace or extremely trace, some formaldehyde free products in strict appellation can “0 formaldehyde release”, which is aengineered /Solid wood panels containing formaldehyde, but not released.

2, green moisture-proof factor moisture-proof board

At present, the market has a lot of custom tailor play green moisture-proof factor moisture-proof board to attract consumers to buy. In fact, the difference between different products and custom wardrobe closet, most brands have chosen tangible material from the visible start, then launched a “proof” of the particleboard products, and call it “the moisture-proof board”, even in the base board added the “green tide factor” or “blue” “”. The fact is man-made sheet particleboard products and all itself does have a certain curing performance, while the green and blue things just to a measure difference between man-made sheet only, does not have the “moisture” role. This selling point is gradually fading out of the market, only a few areas may also have such a title.

3, international brand Guangdong production

The quality of China manufacturing products is not optimistic about the consumer, this is also reflected in the wardrobe industry, so a lot of wardrobe brand in the early days will put himself as an international brand, a little exaggeration or even a country designated by the Royal wardrobe supplier, in the “Da Vinci” event, this trend has been curbed, but in parts of mainland consumers will turn to superstition “Guangdong production” this brand, seems to be produced in Guangdong than the mainland production better. The fact is that most of the existing China wardrobe brand is Chinese local brands, from the production of the origin of speaking, Guangdong does have certain advantages, but this advantage is not obvious, because whether equipment or raw materials, or process and other aspects, the wardrobe products are not because of the regional production with different.

4, European noble wood custom made old

Most people do not know the true style of what, practitioners are parroting the wood, Rome post… And so on some elements of the product that is a European style, American style to do the same old, the true sense of the United States to do the details of the old work is extremely sophisticated. In fact it is most useful to get there from the upstream of all kinds of solid wood materials assembled, OK, distinguished European wood custom products baked, American old more simple, the upstream manufacturers do paint color can flicker of a large number of “development” for American brands to choose.

5, particleboard density board than density board better than Particleboard
When a brand in the main push of a plate, then in the terminal market will appear on the main material than another good quality sound, confused consumers do not say, practitioners sometimes will be questioned on this point of view. The fact is that two kinds of plate to the main performance parameters of furniture manufacturing from the national standard, the difference was not significant, but the physical characteristics and its structure is different, both are suitable for wardrobe product panel.
Wardrobe cleaning and maintenance
A cabinet, moisture-proof sunscreen
To maintain indoor ventilation and dry environment. Indoor ventilation is often carried out, so that the chemicals in the wooden wardrobe as far as possible to the outdoor exhaust. It is common practice to open windows or doors, air convection, or air conditioning and ventilation systems. At the same time, can also put some desiccant in the corner of the closet, cabinet to prevent deformation and mildew. In addition, the wardrobe should not be placed in direct sunlight can avoid the deformation and crack.
Two, kerosene to black spots
The closet when there is dust on the surface, should use the feather duster or soft cloth dust; if there are stains on the surface, can be considered a wipe with adequate neutral detergent or soapy water with a damp cloth, or use sand wax rubbing clearance, avoid the use of corrosive cleaning agents, conditions can be regularly on the decorative surface oil wax. If it is difficult to remove the surface of the black spots, a little kerosene wipe. Do not wash with hot water and alkaline water closet or disinfect water, that will destroy the surface of the paint closet.
Three, do not use detergent hardware
Should regularly check the connection of the wardrobe, found in a timely manner after loosening fastening, and inject a small amount of lubricating oil. In case of disassembly and assembly, the failure should be promptly informed of the wardrobe staff to assist in handling. Cabinet rack, pull rod and other metal parts usually wipe with a soft cloth, do not use chemical cleaning agent or acidic liquid cleaning.
Four, stable placement
To place the wardrobe smoothly to ensure the use of function, and prevent damage to the structure. If the placement is often in a shaky state, a long time will make the fasteners loose, affecting the life of the closet. If the ground is uneven, be sure to pad the bottom of the closet.
Five, the ash treatment counter scratches
Including door, counter, because of the show, should try to avoid the hard things cabinet and the door, if there are minor surface scratches and bumps, rubbed mixtures available cloth dipped in lemon juice or soot and oil sand, dry after waxing can; if deep scratches damage is serious, need to reconcile the same color paint color. In addition, prevent the weight drop drop track, the edge should avoid touching the water or other solvents, otherwise prone to edge off phenomenon.
The whole cloakroom need more regular cleaning
First of all, to do a diligent, regular cleaning. The cloakroom is an independent space, easy to dust, if not regularly clean, easily soiled clothes. Cloakroom is set more outside the gates, the inside of the cabinet without any shelter, so in order to more effectively prevent the dust and put in the cabinet is generally recommended a curtain or buy some with lid and drawing opening of the storage box for placing some small pieces of clothing, not only keep the dust also easy to take place.
Secondly, to avoid the water or corrosive gas, liquid residue in the whole cloakroom, otherwise easily lead to cabinet decay, cloakroom complete destruction. Moreover, the whole cloakroom is normally closed, not ventilation, if there is water or corrosive liquid residue, do not pay attention to treatment it is very easy to destroy the cloakroom. In addition, as a general overall wardrobe, cloakroom in the use of the process also need to put some desiccant, to avoid in the wet season, moth eaten moldy phenomenon.

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