China Plywood Domestic/Exporting Pallets used for packing (Container and breakbulk transportation)

When doing the plywood transportation ,make sure the following packing requirement  factors must be considered :

Container Loading :

1.the quantity of the total container loading many crates must be loaded

3.How many crates flat packing ,side packing and upright packing ?

4.How are the different packing requirements ,the runners of the pallet ,the slats of the runners and the width/height and length of the runners

5.The metal banding of the packing,need to be very tight and wide 


If breakbulk transportation :

check how is the runners height/width and length …

All these should be organized carefullly when doing the container loading ,can not accept any runners broken or packing broken …

Before the container loading ,check if the plywood turnover machine workable or not ?

During the container loading ,check if the space is good suitable for transportation or not ?Loose or tight ?




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