Four factors affecting the ecological board

Four factors affecting the ecological board

Over the past two years, the results of the ecological board sampling is not perfect, the intensity of static song is to become a repeat of the “hardest hit”, many well-known brands are “planted in this”, and consumers become the biggest “victims ” Ecological board bad factors which,

First, the “static bending strength” is not easy to crack

To ecological board, for example, when the ecological board after the force will form a certain twists and turns, this situation is called “static song”, and “static strength” is the ecological board in the twists and turns to the crack when it can accept Of the pressure intensity. Quiet strength is a major mechanical engineering of wood-based panels, is to assess the use of wood-based panels in the process of accepting the load and resistance to deformation of the talent. Static strength is not qualified to clarify the mechanical strength of the poor, the direct consequence of the usual use of the process will show cracks or cracking scene, there is a greater security risk.

Second, the material is not good

In the preparation of materials, such as shavings and scrap their own quality, but will directly affect the strength of particleboard, and the bark content is not only high impact on the appearance of goods, but also reduce the static board static strength.

Third, the amount of sizing can not

When everyone is paying attention to health and environmental protection products, eco board company in order to reduce the release of formaldehyde, tend to reduce the amount of sizing. However, although this to a certain extent, the decline in formaldehyde emission, making the product environmental protection increased, but also the formation of finished product ecological board bending strength decline.

In the end, the hot pressing time can not be hot-pressing skills of the control conditions on the strength of the artificial board bending strength is essential. In the hot pressing skills, the pressure can make the shavings and lignin fibers in full contact with a certain thickness and thickness of the ecological board. Hot pressing, the higher the pressure will not make the ecological board of the bulk of the major changes in the process of continuous pressure in the process, the surface layer density increased after another, and then make the wood board static strength increased.

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