FURNITURE wood panels edge banding manufacturing and quality inspection tips

Designs is your solution for all of your edgebanding requirements. manufacturers of laminated and machine slit EXACT MATCH Edgebanding, Profile, Contour and Surface Products. This is achieved by laminating your surface material of paper or vinyl to the required PVC backer for your specific end customer use.

Exact Matching

Designs everything is done in house which enables us to provide you with unlimited EXACT matches for all of your surface laminates. Just send us your paper or vinyl samples as requested by your customer to perfectly match their surface laminates. We also carry a vast collection of stock materials for you to select from. We service small or large needs and can stock logs to be slit to maintain your supply demands.

Attention to Detail

continue to strive for perfection during our manufacturing process. Your edging is machine slit to widths with a tolerance of + or – .005”. This means no top or bottom trimming on some hand banders. choose the right backer for each use. Maximizing our superior bond of 30 gram paper.  consistently deliver high quality products and services through attention to detail and use of sophisticated machinery in an integrated manufacturing process.

For Use In:

  • Profile Wrapping
  • Membrane Pressing
  • All Types of Edgebanding



  • 23 gram up to 120 gram paper laminated to PVC or paper backer.
  • Wood veneer edgebanding.
  • Preglued edgebanding.



Our edgebanding is used in all types of equipment such as: Semi and automatic, hand or contour and soft form.

Profile Wrapped Rails

For hot or cold wrappers and all adhesives. It has excellent telegraphing resistance on any substrate.

Surface Laminating

produce a far superior surface on 30 gram papers by penetration of adhesive methods and lamination system treatmen

Is the board edge important?


For long-term use of furniture, regardless of whether the plate to meet environmental requirements, regardless of whether the plate does not release harmful substances, edge is very important, the edge to do good is also a valid basis for testing a furniture brand.

Edge banding

First of all, the state requirements E2 grade sheet must be handled through the E1 level, can be used for indoor. Edge is a way to deal with.

Some people think that E1 grade plate can not edge, this argument right

Secondly, some people think that E1-class plate can not edge, this argument is right. But some people say that because it is E1 level is not edge, edge are E2 level. This logic is a bit wrong, as if someone said that my car hit the dead, so do not have to add airbags, airbags are not the same as a good car.

Again, the same is E1-class plate, one side of the edge and four sides are sealed E1 level, but after the release of the edge is 1, four sides after the release of the edge is 0.7. Some people will say they are placed in the room 10 years release is the same, so it does not matter. However, because the house is ventilated, the same amount of one hour release is different, in other words, in this hour, you smell is the difference between 1 and 0.7.

At the same time, the benefits of four sides of the edge is not only slow down the release, as well as to prevent moisture into the plate substrate caused by the role of deformation.

Edge banding

Production of 0.35mm – 3.0mm edge of the edge, if you feel that both sides are sealed edge will increase the cost, then suggest that you use the thin sheet of furniture inside the thin edge of the edge (absolutely can not be surrounded by edge), such as internal Plate with 0.6-0.8mm edge of the edge of the article. External sheet with 1.0-1.5 or so best (except for special requirements), no matter what the thickness of the edge of the edge must be sealed around, remember to remember!

What is the strong side of the ecological board?

Ecological board is now a very popular plate, but found that many consumers will ignore the existence of eco-board edge, not knowing that the edge of the edge of the ecological board furniture played a pivotal role. Then the next question came, the ecological board edge of which strong, but also how to choose?

Acrylic Edge

What is the sheet edge of the article? Edge is mainly on the furniture sheet section of the protection, decoration, landscaping materials, it can make a piece of furniture showing clear wood, colorful overall effect.

At present, the edge of the ecological board is mainly based on PVC grain edge banding, which is characterized by the following:

A: pvc ecological board edge is relatively light, which is relative to the metal and plexiglass in terms of light because it is not because it is a polymer compound, but because they are organic compounds, that is, by carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, Nitrogen and other light elements.

Two: pvc ecological board edge of the material is plastic, plastic easy to process. Plastic has plasticity, that is, after heating or pressure deformation, in the cooling or pressure disappeared to maintain the original shape unchanged. Can be processed by extrusion, etc. into the shape of the edge of the edge, such as T-type edge, H-type edge, D-type edge, V-edge, I-shaped shape and so on.

Three: pvc eco-board edge of the quality and cheap, and the price of plastic floating far from the metal

Ecological board sealing method:

One: Edge Edge Edge. Is a flat edge of the edge of the melt melt in the edge of the edge machine edge, but the edge of the end of the requirements of the end of the bar is better. This edge is mainly used in the production of furniture factory. Adhesive edge method is through a special structure, so that the edge of the board and edge material double-sided coating evenly to ensure that the adhesive force is more solid.

PvcU type edge banding

Second: buckle edge, that is, the market U-shaped eco-board edge, this is suitable for the installation of the ecological board on the edge of the edge, it is the use of glass adhesive can also use Wan Nengjiao, so more convenient , Especially suitable for decoration.


The importance of the edge of the cabinet

Now almost all of the family, in the kitchen decoration, will use the cabinet, and different cabinet brand in addition to size, color, material differences, the different configurations can bring a different use of feelings. But the customer for the cabinet edge of the attention and understanding is very few
Cabinet Edge

Cabinet panels in addition to the strict edge of the cabinet more beautiful, but also to allow the formaldehyde in the plate to get better control and closed. The cabinet and the sealing strip close fit, sealing performance, can effectively reduce the release of formaldehyde. Some cabinets in order to reduce processing costs, only to see the front side of the edge, the back and bottom and invisible interface is not edge, so there is no side of the edge, it is easy to release formaldehyde, causing damage to human health.

Edge of the good or bad, hand touched can feel out. High-quality cabinets of the edge of the delicate, smooth, feel good; poor edge is relatively rough. In addition, some of the edge of the more fragile, a fold will be broken, and toughness of the edge is not easy to break, but also can reduce the release of formaldehyde.

Cabinet Edge

Edge is the production process, is to determine whether the cabinet is an important factor in environmental protection. The production process is good or bad depends on the machinery and equipment, and the edge of the machinery and equipment from tens of thousands to several million range, and some small manufacturers to use manual edge to save costs, which will greatly reduce the precision of the edge band, even if Some brands around the cabinet all the edge, but the precision is not high instrument will make the edge between the edge of the cabinet and collapse, leading to formaldehyde release.

PVC, the full name of Polyvinylchlorid, the main ingredient for the polyvinyl chloride, PVC resin is the main raw material, adding the right amount of anti-aging agent, modifier, etc., by mixing, calendering, vacuum blistering process material. Can be divided into soft PVC and hard material PVC.

Pvc edge band according to its shape can be divided into flat PVC edge banding and profiled edge. Flat edge banding is mainly used in furniture, kitchen utensils, teaching equipment, laboratories, door industry, decoration and other industries. Mainly used for the particleboard, MDF cross-section of the solid seal, play shut the mouth, decoration, to prevent the plate itself containing volatile gas volatilization, to prevent the board by the water and other unfavorable factors such as damage. Flat panel edge of the commonly used specifications, the general thickness of 0.5 ~ 3mm range, the width of 9 ~ 180mm range. The width of the determination depends on the thickness of the closure of the plate, generally more than 3 ~ 4mm plate can be. More than a few mm to provide the margin to the trimming. Thickness mainly based on the actual needs of customers decide, the thicker the thickness of the more obvious edge effects, the more angle, the more grades. However, the thicker the thickness, the higher the cost of use. Shaped Edge strip shape is different from the plate, unlike the thickness of the plate can be found regularly, each paragraph are different shapes. The development of the alien is mainly developed in accordance with the needs of the customers. Alien is mainly used in furniture, door industry, cars, trains, chairs and other industries, play a mouth, decoration and so on. Shaped because the weight of the general weight than the flat, the output is not high, the production process more trouble and other reasons, the price is much more expensive than the flat

Pvc Edge

PVC edge band according to its color can be divided into plain plain PVC edge, grain pvc edge band. Plain, refers to the daily life of the red, yellow and blue, green, etc., can be called plain, that is, the meaning of a single color. The upper layer of PVC material at the end of the end of plastic, plain edge board with a relatively simple, white plate on the selection of white edge, and so on. General color is different, so in the tone color, the general manufacturers will require customers to mention the base color (such as plate samples, sheet color cards, etc.). Wood color is the surface with paint paint, forming a similar effect of veneer lines. Wood color, the middle layer of PVC substrate, the surface for the paint printing, the bottom for the end of plastic. Wood grain edge of the edge of the price slightly higher than the plain.

The Processing Method of the Pimple in the Production of Edge

A: Edge of the phenomenon of lumps

(1) resin in the plastic process of the pimple, in the plastic layer surface with small crystals and small particles, distributed in the plastic layer around the surface.

(2) coke generated by scorch, in the plastic layer surface with burnt material, especially reflected in the joint seam on the surface.

(3) impurity pimple, there are impurities in the plastic surface, sliced ​​pimple inside there are impurities.

(4) plasticized plastic pimple, sliced ​​and found inside the pimple is cooked.

Second: the edge of the band to produce the cause of the pimple

(1) due to low temperature control, edge banding has not yet good plastic out from the nose out.

(2) plastic quality is poor, difficult to plasticize the resin, these are not completely plasticized to be squeezed out.

(3) feeding some impurities are added to the hopper, causing impurities pimple.

(4) high temperature control, resulting in scorch, resulting in coke knots.

(5) on the molded lid is not pressed, into the glue after aging deterioration, there coke pimple.

Three ways to exclude pimple

(1) plastic itself caused by the pimple, should be appropriate to improve the temperature.

(2) the strict inspection of plastic when there is debris, do not add other debris into the hopper, and found that impurities should immediately clean the nose, the screw inside the mortar running net.

(3) found that the temperature is too high to immediately reduce the temperature properly, if the effect is not good, to immediately clean the head and screw, remove the burnt material.

(4) the emergence of resin pimple and plasticized pimple, to properly increase the temperature or reduce the speed of the screw and traction.

Observe whether the edge banding is flat

Edge of the surface and the back of the surface is very important, not only affect the aesthetic will affect the edge is reliable, the following Xiaobian to introduce you to observe whether the edge of the edge of the soil method. You will feel very interesting.
1 \ check the edge of the edge of the edge is flat, you can use a flat blade across the edge of the seal to see whether it is a straight line, if not a straight line on both sides of the edge will appear very thick glue line;

2 \ such as the edge of the edge of the edge of the edge, the edge is still very thick after the glue line can be checked according to the following methods: Check the board surface is smooth, such as saw blade up and down the size of the saw blade when the saw blade Small steps, affecting the edge;


3 \ select the edge band with the use of plate color, texture consistent;

4 \ Check the edge of the edge is smooth, such as the emergence of miscellaneous points or fine hairpin hole may be made of recycled materials made of PVC;

Plate furniture has become the main force of modern furniture, but most people still do not know where the advantages and disadvantages of plate furniture.

The advantages of plate furniture

Plate furniture is made of medium density fiberboard or particleboard surface veneer and other crafts made of furniture, because the style changeable and very fashionable. Plate furniture is popular mainly because it has a variety of veneer, can give a variety of color and feel different texture.

Another feature of the plate furniture is the characteristics of not easy to deformation. Can be said that the appearance of the furniture in the design changes more, more personality.

The combination of plate furniture is usually a variety of metal hardware, assembly and disassembly are very convenient, high precision machining plate furniture can be demolished repeatedly installed.

Plate furniture edge

The shortcomings of plate furniture

The shortcomings of the plate furniture and more in environmental protection, such as some manufacturers to particleboard and other materials, and veneer and not all its on the case, easy to release harmful to human body formaldehyde. The use of formaldehyde over the standard production of wood-based panel furniture, indoor environment will cause pollution. Production process failed small factory production of plate furniture in appearance may seem somewhat similar with the brand furniture, but the environmental protection of this off is basically not too.

So consumers must pay attention when buying, can not be business “homogeneous different price” of the publicity confused, to try to choose

Choose the credibility of the guaranteed home shopping malls and furniture brands.

Choose the plate furniture can open the door or drawer smell, if there is a strong stimulating smell, then more than formaldehyde, should not be purchased. There is a very important standard to tell you that there is no edge of the plate furniture do not buy, not all the plates around the edge of the board furniture do not buy.


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