what kinds of quality and export documents required if export Domestic kitchen cabinet to the United States?

what information the export documents required if export Domestic kitchen cabinet to the United States?

Cabinets face serious challenges

Faced with such a harsh laws and regulations, the relevant experts suggested that the cabinet business should face the serious challenges of the law, scientific rationality of the export barriers to look at the double-sided effect, the potential risk into export advantage. Cabinet enterprises can introduce advanced foreign technology, and strive to improve the quality management system and export cabinets toxic and hazardous substances self-control system. As soon as possible on the cabinet products to carry out third-party certification, qualified testing organizations to obtain a qualified test certificate. At the same time, attach importance to the inspection and testing of raw and auxiliary materials, strict implementation of qualified supplier assessment procedures, select the “green supplier” to improve the traceability management system, with particular attention to formaldehyde, heavy metals and other quality and safety requirements of the mandatory requirements, in strict accordance with the importing country regulations Requires the procurement of wood and wood products and other raw materials, enhance the cabinet products in the international market competitiveness.

Foreign trade barriers policy is already unchangeable export environment, export-type cabinet enterprises to do is to try to adapt to such an environment, enhance their international competitiveness, enhance product added value, increase the export of the right to speak

Which cabinet manufacturers can be directly exported to the United States?
Export the American cabinet plywood at least what level of certification is required

US CARB P1 P2 certification US CARB standard US needle plate formaldehyde release content control regulations At present, the regulation of wood products formaldehyde emission standards and the strict requirements of the factory in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality management system to monitor the factory production; 2009 1 month without a CARB certification Composite wood products with composite wood products can be entered into the United States and Canada green card environmental protection level E1 grade E0 level P1 level P2 grade E1 E1 according to the standard class E0 European standard in CARB P2 US Air Resources Board (CARB) formaldehyde emission The requirements of the standard between the standard E1 European standard E0 CARB formaldehyde release than the formaldehyde emission standards strict seventy times the amount of formaldehyde emission plate must meet the standard requirements must be mandatory third certification (the factory should be required in accordance with the requirements of quality management system quality control laboratory) Products must be affixed to the label to see the rules required to test the product must be qualified to ensure that the factory must be in strict accordance with regulations to establish quality control laboratory quality management system to monitor their own products to ensure that the production of each batch of plates are qualified CARB regulations with its rules to take CARB certification (Building materials, decorative materials, furniture, surface materials, surface materials, paint coatings, cleaning agents and children’s products, etc. 20 categories), the use of the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, ) Certification Criteria (Needle Products Indoor Air Volatilization) has been included in the LEED 480 Continuing Project Specification Approved GREENGUARD Use Section Tests 75,000 kinds of products in the same industry Conducted substance emission testing studies Can confirm the release of air 12,000 kinds of volatile compounds to ensure that the indoor Air Quality Outside Green Resource Database Super 200 Government Procurement, Public Utilities, Industry Harmonized Products Purchase Guide

The whole cabinet exports to do what certification North America market, the European market, respectively, need to do what certification

By the global economic growth is weak, the global consumer market growth is seriously lagging behind, the cabinet market is no exception, and the Chinese cabinet products export market in addition to the United States, Japan, Europe, the world’s three major cabinet market, has developed to India, Pakistan and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions.

China’s exports of wood products and wooden cabinets in addition to rising raw material costs, rising labor costs and the appreciation of the renminbi three difficulties, the European and American markets for China’s exports of wood products and wooden cabinets standards are increasingly stringent, China’s wood products and wooden cabinets exports Europe and the United States market situation worrying.

China’s wood products output standards more stringent

Two EU timber and wood products regulations and new environmental design directives aimed at restricting the export of wood products in China have also been formally adopted. The new regulations require all manufacturers on the timber production and sales chain to submit basic information on the legality of timber origin, such as timber source, country and forest, the volume and weight of wood, the name of the supplier of logs, and the illegal timber and wood products. Severely punished.

The new regulations to increase the cabinet certification costs

For China’s small and medium-sized cabinets enterprises, the new regulations have a greater negative impact on China’s exports of wood products has brought a major challenge. As China’s small and medium enterprises have long been relying on low prices, low-cost advantage into the European and American markets, identity certification increased its cost pressure, or will lead to these difficult to gain a foothold in the European and American markets.

Wooden products and wooden cabinets is one of the important export commodities of our country. The United States and the European Union are the main export markets of wood products and wooden cabinets in China. Export products mainly include plywood, wood fiber board, wooden doors, wooden windows, wood crafts and other varieties and wooden cabinets.

The industry is also a challenge for the cabinet industry

Although the new provisions of Europe and the United States in the short term will be China’s exports to Europe and the United States caused a greater impact on the cabinet industry, but in the long run, is the challenge is the opportunity, the new regulations on China’s solid wood cabinet export market norms and product quality improvement will be beneficial , Which is not only conducive to the future development of China’s solid wood cabinet industry, but also can effectively regulate the market, further eliminate backward and non-standard small and medium enterprises to promote solid wood cabinet industry transformation and upgrading to enhance China’s solid wood cabinet industry export product quality, Competitiveness.

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