China plywood inspection : veneer core layup manufacturing and hot pressing indentation defectsproblems tips

Recently audited  a plywood factory and made the plywood inspection , found that there are many hot pressing indentation problems, for our professional inertia, we went to their hot press process line and studied  and found a lot of problems.
1. Did not clean up the rubbish on the hot plates  in time.
2. Core veneer edge of the excess core veneer is not properly cut off, resulting in the potential risk of hot pressing indentation.

According to the requirements of the veneer core lay-up production process,  need to cut the excess  core veneer, especially the longitudinal part of the excess core veneer part must be  cut off, if not cut in the follow-up hot pressing process will create  series of quality problems, such as the pre-pressure Of the plates to the hot-rolled steel plate when the excess part of the core veneer if the break is not timely clean-up, then it is easy to cause alien garbage indentation.In terms of saving, we can cut off the excess core veneer used to repair the dead cave or other digging place /patches.

These are a factory management problem.

根据铺板生产工序的要求,需要把多余的芯板尤其是纵向的芯板多余的部分要切割掉,如果不切割,在后续的热压工序会出现一系列的质量问题,比如在把预压好的板坯送到热压钢板里的时候,如果芯板多余的部分折断 了没有及时的清理,那么就容易造成外来垃圾压痕。




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