2017 Ninth Central (Changsha) Building Materials New Products Merchants & Whole House Custom Expo

2017 Ninth Central (Changsha) Building Materials New Products Merchants & Whole House Custom Expo

Invitation card

Time: April 21, 2017 – 23 days
Location: Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center (next to the window of Changsha)
Sponsor: Hunan Province Interior Decoration Association Hunan Furniture Industry Association Changsha Fulcrum Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.
Sponsor: Changsha Fulcrum Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.
Co – organizer: Changsha Building Materials Association
WeChat public number: hncsjbh

2017 Ninth Central (Changsha) Building Materials New Products Merchants & Whole House Custom Expo

Exhibition Introduction:
1, in order to promote the prosperity and development of building materials, household, furniture and related industries, to promote the prosperity and development of the industry for the purpose of helping to establish and improve the city / county market sales channels, promote building materials / furniture / home appliances to the countryside, promote the construction of industrialization And the built-in industrial new products, to achieve industrial upgrading and transformation, to expand consumption, stimulating domestic demand for the purpose of “2017 9th Central (Changsha) Building Materials New Products and the whole house custom Expo” will be held April 21, 2021 Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center.

2, the current fair is held in the successful exhibition held on the basis of 2016 to continue. Organizing Committee will visit Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guizhou and other 4 provincial, municipal and county level more than 300 building materials, home market nearly 40,000 distribution agents, franchisees come to visit, attend, help Enterprises on the city, county-level investment in the market to join one step.

3, the organizing committee for the industry and enterprises to provide better and more accurate professional audience invitation, the organization of the audience new model for the industry enterprises to build a display brand image, to achieve efficient and rapid development of the city, county distribution agents, franchisees, Improve the market sales channels of the integrated platform.

4, professional audience invited guests include: Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Guangxi and other provincial, municipal, county-level building decoration materials, kitchen appliances distribution agents and real estate, architectural design and construction, furniture, Hotels / clubs and other units.

5, the scale of this exhibition will reach 25,000 square meters exhibition area, in order to ensure the exhibitors exhibitors effect, the organizing committee for the city, county distribution agents and buyers and other professional visitors to provide free hotel accommodation reception services.

6, the same period activities: (Location: Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center News Center, detailed schedule calls to obtain.)

※ 2017 annual “artisan” spirit honor award ceremony

※ Hunan home building materials industry cluster development and regional brand strategy forum

※ whole house customization industry development and brand building forum

Will be invited to the well-known experts at home and abroad, entrepreneurs around the whole house customization industrialization trend; “Internet +” era of the whole house custom design; whole house customization and integration of residential parts of the cross-border integration development; mode decided to survive – traditional home stores Transformation of the whole house custom terminal marketing model innovation subversive summit; the whole house custom brand investment to join the new model; brand decision value – brand competitiveness of the importance of production and development; terminal marketing and profit multiplication model innovation and so on To explore.

Will invite the whole house custom, furniture, building materials business product design, production and sales person in charge and so on.

First, the scope of the exhibition
(A) whole house custom category:

1, the overall kitchen / wardrobe, the whole kitchen / bathroom, kitchen appliances, health appliances

The whole cabinet / wardrobe, modular wardrobe, smart wardrobe; sliding door, cabinet, sliding doors, drying racks and so on. Whole kitchen, integrated kitchen, smart kitchen; whole bathroom, ceramic bathroom, integrated ceiling.

Kitchen utensils, kitchen appliances: suction / range hood, gas stove, microwave oven, electric cooker, electric hot pot, electric wok; dishwasher, garbage processor; air purifier / machine, water purifier, water dispenser; , Water heaters, shower room, steam room and so on.

2, furniture custom, soft accessories

Custom furniture, custom furniture, custom furniture, custom sofa, sofa series, soft accessories custom, bedding, staircase custom and so on.

3, integrated residential, huts / wooden villa custom

Wooden furniture, wooden furniture, wooden building, wooden houses, wooden villas, wooden cabinets, wooden structure houses; residential wood structure materials; outdoor furniture, landscape building materials customized products, wood / preservative wood and other raw materials. Wooden pavilion, wooden bridge, wooden fence, pavilion, wood plaster, fence, trail and so on.

(2) decorative building materials, built-in industrial technology products categories:

1, door industry, locks, building decoration hardware:

Automatic doors, industrial doors, automatic retractable doors, automatic isolation doors; door access control systems, door accessories; architectural decoration hardware, automatic doors, doors, doors, doors Lighting, lighting, switches, sockets, smart switches, wire and cable, intelligent (water / electricity / gas) table, switchgear, door / window / window, Furniture hardware and so on.

2, wall decoration materials, wall decoration / background wall, wallpaper, diatom mud, paint

Wall decoration, wall tiles, art tiles, frescoes / wall ornaments, wall decoration materials, composite wall materials Wall decoration, glass partition, wood wall decoration, wood wall decoration, tapestry wall decoration, art wallpaper; paint, exterior / indoor paint, art paint, diatom mud; screen, partition: glass partition, activities cut off, office Partition, aluminum frame, partition doors, blinds and so on.

3, floor materials, flooring, floor tiles, floor

Flooring, flooring, flooring, floor coverings, floor coverings, floor coverings, floor coverings, floor coverings, floor coverings, floor coverings, floor coverings , Tiles, quintana bricks, marble, granite, granite, floor paint; waterproof material, adhesive.

(C) construction of industrial technology products, green building materials

1, construction industry technology and equipment, building energy efficiency

Integrated building parts, technology and equipment, energy-saving wall materials, home photovoltaic energy, energy-saving windows and doors, insulating glass, wall insulation; building electrical, solar water heaters, heat pump products; water supply and drainage equipment, Smart home: intelligent building systems, smart home appliances, lighting, air conditioning, heating and cooling, elevators and so on.

2, doors and windows, glass, curtain wall and equipment accessories, shade products:

Glass, windows and doors, glass doors and windows, glass doors and windows, invisible doors and windows; steel profiles, aluminum, doors and windows equipment and accessories; insulating glass, coated glass, curtain wall glass, sealing materials, glass glue; glass equipment, carving machinery; indoor shade products, Outdoor shade products, doors and windows screens, window ornaments ancillary equipment, window ornaments accessories, fence and so on.

(4) woodworking machinery, furniture accessories

Woodworking machinery, furniture accessories, cabinets / wardrobe accessories, door production machinery, casters, leather, etc .;

Doors and windows machinery, doors and windows accessories, floor production lines, stone processing machinery.

(5) software system

Furniture design software, interior design software, home custom software, large data, architectural design software, other software.

Second, the schedule
Exhibition time: April 18 – 20 (8: 30-17: 00)
Exhibition time: April 21 – 23 (8: 30-17: 00)
Dismantling time: April 23 (14: 00-22: 00)

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