New Zealand Logs/sawn lumber suppliers /EXPORTERS Updated on March 9th,2017

Updated on March 9th,2017

All the suppliers lists will updated soonest according to our searching and collecting and communicating with the suppliers .

Radiata Pine (Pinus Radiata) from New Zealand, Australia and Chile, and Taeda Pine  fromUruguay. a wide range of grades and sizes of high quality timber to suit your needs.
Asia-Pacific markets and established customers in China, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

1.Tenco Ltd  2.Pacific Forest Products (PFP)   3.Pan Pac Lumber  4.NZ Wood  5.North Sawn Lumber Ltd    6.Craigpine Timber Ltd 7. South Pine Nelson Ltd  8.Gill Timbers 9.Arbor Resources  10.Wenita Forest Products

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