Basic Knowledge on Formica, Veneer & Acrylic

Innovative Designs, Quality Materials

From formica to veneer to acrylic to P.U. paint, your style and imagination will be elicited remarkably. From a worn house, we can transform your home to an astounding one and provide you with practical and comfortable stay. With the quality materials used, you can be well-assured that you don’t need to invest again in the near future!

Below are some tips on how the designs can be created through the various methods.

Formica – This is a layer of high-pressured laminated materials being attached on raw wood. There are many designs and patterns of formica in the market. You can choose to have a smooth surface with wood grain design or if you like the touch of wood grain, you can even choose 3D formica. There are also formica which gives you granite design or even produce the high gloss effect in any colours. It is more durable as compared to veneer.

Veneer – On the other hand, veneer is a very thin slice of wood that are glued to core panels. It is usually less than 3mm. Veneer works similarly like the formica, except that veneer is made from real wood, formica is made from composite materials. Few layers of syelek will be applied to the veneer after it is glued to the wood. One of the drawbacks is that it will be quite visible if there is any scratches.

Acrylic – There is laminated acrylic and also acrylic paint. Both provide the same effect i.e. crystal like high gloss effect. The difference being the former will have visible lines at the edge of cabinets while acrylic paint will not have.

Spray Paint – There are few types of spray painting. The most commonly used painting is affordable and inexpensive. However, the effect of high shine and durability can only be enhanced through P.U. Paint, which is most welcomed by consumer in the recent years.

It is not comparable in terms of prices as opposed to the common view that formica is the most affordable. This is because all materials and methods have different quality and it can range from very cheap to very high end. It is important to consult your carpenter for further details.

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