The price of timber in the ports of the peak season continued to rise

The price of timber in the ports of the peak season continued to rise

After the timber market and the same day in previous years, after the spring of wood prices continue to rise. Due to the recent decline in port shipments compared to last year, most of the timber is on the uptrend, the trend will continue in the short term.

Multi-category timber prices to be stocked quickly
North American wood, whether pine or hardwood, prices are showing a trend of growth, from the end of last year so far, the price soared all over the current Taicang, three or four supply more abundant, high-grade plus high prices, 38 * 235 specifications J-level Jansong offer has reached 2100-2320 yuan / m³. Hemlock construction mouth material is also a rising sound, 4 * 9 specifications hemlock offer 1480-1550 yuan / m³. Compared to pine, hardwood rose to be outdone, which red rubber wax is relatively large, 4/4 * natural wide red rubber offer according to the level of different brands in the price of 2800-7200 yuan / m³. Other varieties in the normal rise.
From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, Russia’s Pinus sylvestris and white pine prices have been rising, Manchuria port prices on the range between 50-80, the current 50/60 * natural wide * 4-6M Pinus sylvestris In the 1500-1600 yuan / m³, and the spot is not much. Taicang port of Pinus sylvestris and spruce rose a lot, every week up. At present Taicang Port 35 * 125/145 * 4 Pinus sylvestris prices in the 2050-2100 yuan / m³, 32 * 125 spruce (high grade) at 2150 yuan / m³. Now, due to the arrival of different business time, sales of different rhythms, the spot price on the market there are differences.
In addition, the Thai rubber wood prices have been rising trend, the price on the 100-200 between the Thai rubber wood prices rose reasons: 1, due to a serious rise in raw materials, factory production slow; 2, by the environmental storm last year Impact, the manufacturers of a serious shortage of inventory; 3, the opening season is the sales season, the dealers and factories have to stocking, resulting in short supply. Price is not the end, is still in progress. The current price of 4400-4600 yuan / m³; 2440 * 1220 * 2 grade AA price is 4550-4700 yuan / ton, the price is 4400-4600 yuan / m³; 2440 * 1220 * 2 grade AA price is 4550-4700 yuan / M³, grade AB price is 4250-4450 yuan / m³.
Multi-port radiation pine contrarian down
Since the end of 2016, whether it is Taicang and other Changshu port, or sunshine Arashiyama, Radiation pine market prices have been showing a soaring trend. But after the Spring Festival, Radiation Pine, although shipments gradually increased, but the market price was the opposite trend, not only weakness, and the emergence of a small decline. Small A caliber, 4M length of the radiation pine price of 845-860 yuan / m³; large A diameter 6M in the length of 980-1000 yuan / m³.
If there is a suitable timber, please buy as soon as possible to the current market conditions, buy is earned!

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