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Find a reliable company to manufacture the products is not an easy task. Many things related, cultural, language, customs and honesty of the supplier. Buyers often complained about the quality, timeliness and service from the supplier. On the other hand suppliers trying to simplify their jobs by reducing the steps that should be the impact on QUALITY.

Actually, all can be avoided if we start properly.
First, the company that manufactures must be true, in a sense, they really have the technical capability, financial as well as experience. In this instant-paced era, with the internet it is easy to find a company profile that we may deem appropriate, and get competitive prices and the subsequent placing of orders.
But that’s not that so simple. Do they really have the ability. Not uncommon among them only have a great website, but not for production facilities and financially. Or maybe you had deal with such a company and there is no problem? but if you are comfortable with a situation like that?

You may have a budget to directly visit them, I have a question for you, how you have time to make sure they use the facilities already shown to you? and how they produce the goods that you rely on to be made?

We exist to address your problems which I described above.

Why would we? We have been working in the area of furniture production is tens of years. More than that, make the furniture is our culture. Eyes and our hearts are very familiar with the manufacture of furniture. For more details, please visit the about us page.
Proudly we offer service for you for full range of inspection.

  • Factory Audit
  • Quality Controller
  • Final Controller
  • Sampler Provider

You might be able to easily find services like we offer. But how the price they ask for? then, how their experience, are they furniture specialist?
We are specialist but not expensive. All affordable in accordance with the scope of work which we offer.

In supporting wholesale business, buyers and wholesalers require professional to help them in production quality control. It is commonly buyers and wholesaler from other countries, who do not have representative in the country. They hire professional that provides all furniture inspection services with the purpose of ensuring the quality of furniture ordered.

Furniture Inspector is one of independent inspector, which provides inspection services for buyers and wholesalers. At times, types of services depend on the requirement. Even though some companies have broad the type of services out, such as factory audit, furniture company suggestion as well as company tour.

Factory audit is purposed to report all the significant elements, such as quality system procedures, production capacity, staff facilities including wages, ages, and services, plant condition etc. The service is intended to find out the capability of manufacturer to completing delivery time and quality expectation. Furniture company suggestion helps buyers to find reliable furniture manufacturers for their order plans. If buyers want to visit the factory, company tour allows them to have business trip to numbers of furniture manufacturers and suppliers. The company will arrange transportation, accommodation, and help buyer to arranger the schedule.

Whereas, Wood-based panels and Furniture Inspector attaches only to provide services related to furniture being ordered or sampled. The services are sample inspection, in production quality check, pre-packing control and final check. All team and personals in Furniture Inspector will serve buyers or who need their services by their best. Commonly, buyer will have sample order before purchase in bulk order.  It is needed to inspect the sample for conformance to technical drawings and specifications. Therefore, the supplier chosen enable to continue the production process and use the sample as standard.

Monitoring all the production process is required to ensure the quality in accordance clients’ requirements. It is in production quality check. After the furniture has been through all production processes, it is time for pre-packing control. It is important to pack furniture in a safe and proper way. It will keep the furniture in good condition until unloading in the destination country. Final check is important as well, in order to make sure all the production is in accordance to the specification and purchase orders as required. All furniture inspection services by Furniture Inspector will assist you to find finest quality of furniture.

For some companies who provide furniture inspection services, they have broad types of services out of the furniture inspection itself, i.e.:

  • Factory Audit to report all the significant elements, such as quality system procedures, production capacity, staff facilities including wages, ages, and services, plant condition etc.
  • Furniture Company Suggestion is to arrange suggestion or possibility of reliably company for an order plan.
  • Company Tour is to arrange transportation, accommodations, factory visit schedule if clients want to visit their candidate suppliers.

Those are some services in abroad furniture services made by furniture inspection companies. Whereas, Furniture Inspector attaches only to provide services related to furniture being ordered or sampled.

  • Sample inspection

Inspect the sample for conformance to technical drawings and specifications as stated in the front. From this stage, verified suppliers supplier is able to do production process and make the sample as standard.

  • In production quality check

Monitoring all production process to conform sample or technical drawing is one of substantial stage in ensuring the quality in accordance to the clients’ requirements. Production quality check puts an inspector on site during the production cycle, to ensure production meets the schedule, quality, and materials used as stated in agreement.

  • Pre-packing control

It is important to pack furniture in a safe and proper way so that it could arrive in its good condition after unloading in destination country. Controlling the stages of packaging will make an impact to the furniture. It would be great as well if held certain test in packaged good to measure its strength in handling position.

  • Final check

Once the goods are ready to be shipped or minimum ready packed 80%. It is important to redo the checking. It is called pre-shipment inspection that random inspection by choosing some packaged good as samples. The inspection ensures that the production is in accordance with the specifications and purchase orders as required.

Wood Furniture Inspection

There is no one would like to receive damage wood furniture directly after a purchase. They will be disappointed if experience such an event. If the cause is mishandling, not because of manufacturers fault then manufacturers could come to have assistance or suggestion on how to solve the problem. What if the manufacturers  made the fault? For examples are insubstantial or easy to break hardware, peel color finishing, fast rusty, damage, and others. These significant problems could lead to the raising of another problem. In the end, customers could stop to buy any wood furniture from this store and they could lose reputation and even sales revenue if this problem continues.

A warning for furniture buyers – wholesalers, retailers, or chain stores – that they have to comply strict requirement one they place orders to selected suppliers. They have to measure the target market level, medium, low, or upper class. To know target market, it would be easy to handle the order in term of specification needed, selling price, and then guarantee offered. However, furniture buyers should supervise their orders so that suppliers run the production processes properly and meet the requirement as stated.

Supervision during furniture production time is called furniture inspection. Furniture buyers side has the right to control each stages of furniture making to reach their goal as previously informed. Inspection may started from the sample making as the mock-up for the mass production. In this stage, buyers can analyses, check, and inspect whether the sample meets their expectation in term of material quality, standard, strength, hardware, color, assembly etc.

Once the sample is well-checked, this mock up will be the standard of production processes. Nevertheless, buyers do not take the supervision off the production process   simply made because the sample was in accordance with the desired. In mass production, it is likely to experience errors because only one sample and made by many people. Make the production schedule as a reference in the regulatory process so that if in accordance with the schedule. If so, then when the product is already in hand buyer then there is nothing to worry about because the production process runs compatible with the specification and inspection that is done earlier.

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