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(China plywood manufacturing ) Weather changes ,glue mixture should be changed accordingly

天气变热,温度升高,贴面用的胶水需要控制固体含量(如面粉等)和胶水的固化速度,防止胶水老化和因固化速度快而损坏涂胶机器的橡胶带。 The weather is getting hot and and the temperature rises, the glue used for the  face veneer laminating needs to control the solid content (such as flour, etc.) and the curing speed of the glue, prevent the aging of the glue and damage the rubber belt of the glue …

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Kinds of veneer pictures

Face Veneer’s All types of Face Veneers (Gurjan, Hollong, Okoume, Keruing, Makai, Recon White & Gurjan etc.) in various sizes from Different Countries like Burma(Myanmar), Indonesia, China, Vietnam etc.

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