Core veneer grade IMported Eucalyptus Logs used for plywood production

ONe of the visitors located in linyi imported huge quantity logs,especially the Core veneer grade  Eucalyptus Logs used for plywood production  ,these imported eucalytpus logs are used for long grain whole piece of core veneer .

if you are interested in selling to them please contact with us and talk with them , supply high grade core veneer of Poplar and Eucalyptus wood.


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Chinese Eucalyptus Core Veneer

Eucalyptus Manufacturers, Suppliers

Eucalyptus Wood Logs With A Grade Quality

EucalyptusEucalyptus Manufacturers, Suppliers

Eucalyptus Logs Importers & Eucalyptus Logs Buyers

Marine Plywoods,Eucalyptus Plywood,Gurjan Plywood

Pencil Cedar Eucalyptus Plywood

Eucalyptus Core Veneer / Fancy plywood / Veneer Plywood

Eucalyptus grandis peeler veneer logs


Product description: Eucalyptus grandis debarked round peeler veneer logs, straight chosen wood without vestiges of fungi or rot, ends of logs protected with gang nails and paint (paraffin) sealant on both ends, database packing lists per container basis.

Quality: Maximum of 1.5 knots per linear meter.

Length: 5.80 meter (tolerance +/- 10 cm)

Billing feature: 10 cm free trim allowance.


Category 1) Average diameter 20 to 25 cm

Category 2) Average diameter 26 to 29 cm

Category 3) Average diameter 30 to 35 cm

Measurement method/formula:

By Brereton Style Metric System (D1+D2+D3+D4/4= avg dia x avg dia x length x 0.7854=cbm)

Quantity per category:

Category 1) 3 x containers per week = 25 %

Category 2) 6 x containers per week = 50 %

Category 3) 3 x containers per week = 25 %

Quantity per container: 30 to 33 cbm of solid wood per 40ft HC container.

Price: USD 179/cbm (including fumigation) CIF .

Price: USD 174/cbm (including fumigation) CIF  .

Price update: For the product 31 March and 30 September of each year and for ocean freight rate around the 25th of each month for the validity until the last day of the following month.

Phytosanitary status: Phytosanitary Certificate and Fumigation Certificate (fumigation with Aluminium Phosphate because Methyl Bromide fumigation is illegal/prohibited in Uruguay).

Loading port: Montevideo, Uruguay.

Ocean freight time: Montevideo, Uruguay to  on  float 45 to 50 days.

Ocean freight time: Montevideo, Uruguay to Kolkata,   on float 40 to 45 days.

First shipment embarkation: 20 to 30 days after receipt of fully workable LC in our bank.

Terms of payment: Transferable and irrevocable sight letter of credit.

Documents: Invoice, Bills of Lading, Database Packing Lists per container basis, Certificate of Origin, Phytosanitary Certificate indicating application of Aluminium Phosphate fumigation.




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