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Plywood construction vs. Particleboard construction

Plywood construction vs. Particleboard construction Plywood has structural advantages over particleboard.  Plywood is stronger and supports greater weight.  Whereas particle board will visibly sag over time or snap near the fasteners. Plywood cabinets are more durable than particleboard.  Damage to plywood cabinetry can be repaired, whereas damage to particleboard cabinets …

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Fancy Plywood inspect checklist of Red Oak Maple Beech Ash Teak Walnut

当质检装饰胶合板的时候,需要格外的小心和认真,尤其是面皮的花型和纹理,如果是刨切,更需要注意拼缝,如果是旋切的,要注意蓝变或者色差等。 When do the quality inspection of decorative plywood, need extra careful and be serious, especially the face veneer matching pattern and texture, if it is slicing,  need to pay attention to patchwork, if it is rotary cutting peeling, to pay attention to bluestain or color and so on.   …

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