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China plywood manufacturing : trimming first or hot pressing first?

观察了很多的中国的胶合板工厂,发现一些共同的缺陷,成品的表面加工缺陷特多,尤其是外来垃圾在热压工序的时候造成的凹陷痕迹。 Observed a lot of China’s plywood factory, found some common defects, the finished product surface defects, especially foreign garbage in the hot pressing process caused the depression traces. 那么,经过多年的板材加工和质量控制经验以及现场研究,发现他们是贴了面皮之后并不是先锯边,而是先热压再锯边,所有在使板材上热压机的时候,边部的垃圾进入了热压钢板里,所以造成了垃圾压痕。 So, after years of experience in wood-based panels processing and quality control and on-site research and found that   after …

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If you want to do good trading business,learn different languages ,such as plywood,Tableros,triplay ….

If you want to do good trading  business,learn different languages ,such as plywood,Tableros,triplay …. Tableros: Panels Triplay : Plywood Madera Aserrada De Tornillo :Screw Sawn Timber Tableros De Fibra De Madera (mdf) TRIPLEX / PLYWOOD Maderas:Lumber Melaminas :melaminate  Triplay Fenólico Doble Film triplay fenolico caracteristicas triplay fenolico 18mm triplay film …

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