China plywood manufacturing : trimming first or hot pressing first?


Observed a lot of China’s plywood factory, found some common defects, the finished product surface defects, especially foreign garbage in the hot pressing process caused the depression traces.


So, after years of experience in wood-based panels processing and quality control and on-site research and found that   after the wood face veneer lamination they did not use the saw blade to trim the edges of the plywood , but   first did the hot pressing and then triim the plywood edge,when put the plywood to the hot pressing plates ,  the garbage were forced go into the hot-pressed steel plate, resulting in garbage indentation.




In fact, this phenomenon   six or seven years ago in many factories have begun the first use saw blade to trim the plywood edges and then make the hot pressure, just to prevent garbage indentation, of course, refers to some hardwood faced  plywood, easily lead to indentation.If it is softwood faced plywood the  problem is not big issue.

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