Help you understand more about the China plywood and Product Standard talking Part 2 : packing requirements


All veneers sold under specifications of this product standard shall be well manufactured and free from all characteristics or defects, which are not expressly permitted within a specified grade. It should be noted that the detailed specifications set out in this standard establish the minimum acceptable requirements for each grade.

Packing & Marking Pieces per Crate, or as agreed:

Veneer should be packed tight side up and loose side down. All packages must be palletized with pallet boards and skids. mostly the plywood face should be face top and back side down ,but the top one sheet should be face down and back side up to protect the surface of the plywood.

Skids must be nailed or firmly attached to pallet boards and should not be less than 4cm ). The combined thickness of the pallet board and attached skid should not exceed 55mm).

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