Hope you can understand more about China plywood industry part 20:Self-examination /self-inspection before buyers’s QC inspection

According to personal experience and lessons for many years, for the plywood factory, they need to do some of the self-examination work  , especially some conventional products. The factory’s inside inspector began grading work in  the factory the workers need to put some  grade the plywood products first , can find and repair defects before the customers’s QC .
There are many advantages of doing so:
1 can give customers a good impression of self-management.
2 can improve the customer’s quality score.
3.可以减少 次品率。
3 can reduce defective rate.
4 can improve the efficiency of the customer. If the passing rate is not high, the general quality inspector will not always have the patience to stay in the factory to help the factory to  quality checking   all the plywood.
So, I often speak to the factory,  before the customer visit and inspect, please do some self-examination, or spend very little cost to do a good self-inspection job to  help maintain customer what I feel is worth, the proposal was applied in practice and then more suppliers.

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