Offer to Buy and Offer to sell : PLB faceveneer ,Eucalyptus Core Veneer and Keruing face veneer to India

one of our member is looking for PLB face veneer ,keruing ,and Eucalyptus Core Veneer ,ship to India markets .If you are the manufacturer please talk with us ,we will forward your emails to the buyers .THey are not interested in trading  companies in China ,pelase don’t disturb.

Size: 4×8 4×7 3×7 4×6 3×6  C GRADE PLB WOOD FACE VENEER 1300 X 2500 X 0.28MM
Thickness:0.2Mm 0.3Mm 0.5Mm 0.6Mm 0.8Mm
Grade: A B C D E F

Recon Gurjan Veneer
Recon White Veneer
PA Face Veneer
Recon Teak
Decorative Veneer
Kanyin Face Veneers (dry) (gurjan) (2140mmx1220mmx0.25mtr)


plb face veneer/gurjan face veneer/natural wood veneer/burma face Gurjan Face Veneer Keruing Veneer .

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