WHat you should know when buying china wood face veneer Part 2 : Origin of the places

Origin places determine the quality and characterisitcs of wood face veneer and the prices , so make sure you need know the origin places where you want to purchase the wood species, determines the quality of your purchase of veneer and other characteristics.

Most of the common tropical woods species are come from Africa and Southeast Asian countries, pine and other similar wood species come from Central and South America and Australia. Decorative wood veneer species generally come from Europe or some countries or regions in North America.

Each area of the wood species of the material and texture grain are generally not the same, so before the procurement, you can tell the supplier you need to purchase the wood species should be from the origin places you wanted .

Even The same area of wood species, South and North the mountain the texture and quality are not the same because of sunshine and wind and temperature and other factors .

Need strict control.

next topic we will talk about the wood grain of the face veneer






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