Wood Panel plywood Factory Auditing Part 6 :custom-made quality or regular common quality plywood ,which can you believe ?

Today when I was cleanning  my bookcase,I found my work diary  I wrote last year, found a funny thing, this time last year  visited a plywood factory, a foreign trade company sales staff contacted one of our foreign customers   in the name of the factory,  The foreign manager requested us to visit the factory. We Found that the factory is  traditional factory  with old building , through conversation with the owner of the factory ,  their factory plywood mainly exported to Europe, the factory did not employ foreign trade sales staff, nor did not have domestic  sales staff, he told us he is sales,procurement and production the director, his wife is accounting,their children are reading in college. The general plywood factory workshop is relatively messy and light dim, the boss is honest farmers, through talking ,felt that the boss is also very experienced, he said he trusted these foreign trade companies with professional industry knowledge , but sometimes also met some trade companies are not professional, and often put their factories exaggerated,tell the foreign customers the factory can do whatever requested  according to customer requirements.

In fact, over the years of purchasing and quality Control experience, I agree with his view that Manufacturers are not like the trading companies  can do any quality levels of plywood products ,the factory generally has a product quality positioning, especially the plywood industry, once the factory  do all the quality levels of plywood , the factory is certainly not far from the collapse. He said that his factory only manufacture the European mid-range quality levels plywood, and only red hardwood plywood, did not need to spray color coverage agent coating for the plywood substrate, as long as the plywood surface are clean and flat , they can not do birch, especially the high level of white birch , The production process has changed completely. So he finally told me not to trust a factory in a short time to produce for a new customer to change his original production quality and variety design. Not to believe that a factory will do for a special customer  to do a special custom high-end quality products, he told me some experience, when he buy the core veneer , he has a set of his own procurement methods, do not listen to the supplier’s Introduction, just to measure the thickness of the core veneer and moisture and grading standards in personal, after investigation and comparison, select some of the suppliers already reached his qulality requirement from their current production for  other buyers , rather than select some of the suppliers  never  produced the plywood or can not meet his quality requirements when he visited.

In fact, this experience is very good, I also used for many years since 10 years ago. I often visit a factory many times before placing the POs , find their problems, wethere their current production for other buyers already reached our  quality requirements , rather than through the   trial POs and then go to repeatedly correct the quality to meet customer needs. In this case,the factory is not nessary to  cut corners  to lower raw materials quality or change final plywood quality.

But sometimes if the buyers trust the potential suppliers  and the manufacturers have the production alibility to meet the quality requirements ,They had every qualification for success. they can try if the manufacturers and importers can reach an agreement for long-term business cooperation. Because no manufacturers are all born leaders; they just need the right circumstances in which to flourish.

All the manufacturers need a new challenge and a fresh start somewhere else. Must have the Ability to develop and research and produce new wood-based panels products.Whether  need to choose custom-made quality plywood or your factory’s  traditional quality plywood, and all these are decided by the customer and the market as well as the plant’s ability and attitude.



其实这个经验非常好,我也用了多年了。我常会考察一个工厂很多次,发现他们的问题所在,是否在未做试单之前已经达到客户的质量要求了,也就是说他们正在做客户需要的质量的产品给其他的客户,而不是下了试单再去反复修正质量来满足客户的需求。这样的话,工厂不 至于去偷工减料或者改变产品的质量。

但有时如果买家信任潜在的供应商,制造商有生产能力来满足质量要求,他们有资格取得成功。 如果制造商和进口商可以达成长期合作协议, 因为没有制造商都是天生的领导者; 他们只是需要正确的环境来繁荣发展。

所有制造商需要一个新的挑战和一个新的开始。 有能力开发和研究,生产新的产品.是否需要选择订制或者工厂传统的质量胶合板,有的时候还是看客户和市场以及工厂的能力和态度。

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