Solid wood kitchen cabinet classification

Solid wood kitchen cabinet classification

Solid wood cabinets because of its more environmentally friendly, natural and very popular with consumers. So, solid wood cabinet in the end how, solid wood cabinet classification what?

First, Solid wood kitchen cabinet

First of all, we talk about the door  , why the cabinet door to choose solid wood, mainly because the particleboard and MDF in environmental protection to slightly worse solid wood, and the screws in the wake of many times locked on the difficult, and some cumbersome. Medium density board of raw materials is scraped with waste paper and made of waste paper and glue, environmental standards are low, so the logs will be selected to do cabinets.

Followed by the design of the cabinet, most of the solid wood cabinets are giving a feeling of nature. Style on the classical majority. And the process of carving and painting are demanding. The classical wind can be expressed most vividly. Solid wood cabinets mainly cherry wood, walnut color, oak-based. Fresh and natural material, natural environmental protection, no chemical pollution. Solid wood cabinet is not only fashion and no harm, is the modern city of the pursuit of nature’s preferred furniture.

Finally, the process, solid wood furniture as one of the oldest furniture, the craft is also the most skilled, with the upgrading of the process, a variety of graphic engraving and rich paint color processing, solid wood cabinet personality traits are more and more prominent. Enough to meet a variety of decoration style. Solid wood cabinet is not just a classic representative, there are a lot of design is also very fashionable, coupled with solid wood cabinets will not be devalued over time.

In recent years, solid wood cabinets and other solid wood furniture, as the majority of consumers have been recognized, has become a high grade, the strength of the customer’s choice of choice. Solid wood cabinets other than the cabinet, are based on wood-based panel, and solid wood cabinets compared to greatly less. And natural wood emitting the freshness of nature, the natural texture of the contours of the customer’s favorite.

Second, solid wood cabinet classification

Solid wood cabinet is divided into three kinds: pure solid wood, solid wood composite category, solid wood veneer class.

Pure solid wood cabinet refers only to the door for the pure solid wood products and the cabinet to solid wood particles and multi-layer solid wood products are mostly, are solid wood products re-processing products;

Solid wood composite solid wood composite cabinet is made of solid wood splicing material for the substrate, and then paste the surface of the wood veneer, from the outside look with the effect of pure wood cabinet door is the same. This is very worthy of everyone’s attention, and must be careful not to play with you bad business “word game”, although the solid wood cabinet is solid wood cabinets, compared with pure wood that is simply two different things.

Solid wood veneer class for this “solid wood” cabinets, strictly speaking, should be decorated panel only fishes. Solid wood veneer cabinet is in the MDF surface double paste veneer, this material is not really the real sense of solid wood cabinets, the property is more common in the market Melamine wood-based panels, the cost is very low.

Above the relevant knowledge, we hope to help.

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