Person knowldge sharing  Wood Face veneer Knowledge Part 1 : Main classification standard of wood veneer

Person knowldge sharing
With the continuous development of the furniture industry, all furniture requirements have been continue to increase and improve and upgrade, but according to the relevant circumstances, veneer furniture will gradually replace the related status of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, because of high cost and  the dominant position of solid wood furniture gradually decline, Solid wood furniture will be gradually replaced by the veneer panel furniture! The matching veneer of panel furniture consists of white bolt, wood bark, beech bark, birch bark and Manchurian ash veneers!

The main furniture wood veneer species: cherry bark, walnut, oak, beech veneer, Sapele veneer, veneer veneer, oak, Manchurian ash, basswood and elm veneer veneer birch bark, Yunnan birch veneer etc.. Main specification 2500*100* (0.2-0.6) mm.

The main species of wood flooring : oak flooring veneer veneer, veneer, walnut, ash, maple, beech veneer Sapele veneer veneer, Gatto Ba Mpi, red sandalwood wood, oak, birch bark, bark, Huang Yunxiang southwest. Main specification 930*90/135* (0.5-0.6) mm.

The main types of rotary cut veneer: Peach core veneer, Okoume veneer,Bingtangor veneer, veneer, poplar veneer Paramichelia, birch veneer, pine bark, basswood veneer and so on. Main specification 2500*1250* (0.1-0.6) mm.

Main category of engineered veneer : Ebony veneer, veneer and veneer, iron knife zebra wood veneer, teak veneer, oak, walnut, opal veneer and so on. Main specification 2500*640* (0.2-0.6) mm.

Bamboo veneer  : the main features: natural flat, natural lateral pressure, carbonization, flat pressure, carbonization, lateral pressure. Main specification 2500*430* (0.2-0.6) mm.

Edge banding: ordinary non-woven fabric, edge banding, non stick fabric, edge banding, technology, veneer, edge banding, etc.. Main specifications: width 10mm-100mm, thickness: 30–60 wire.

All these are The main classification , with the gradual upgrading of the status of wood-based panels furniture, the processing art of wood veneer will undergo an unprecedented change.

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